High Salary Courses After 12th Science

High Salary Courses After 12th Science

The most sought-after line following 10th grade, the Science stream has a wide range of career possibilities in innovation and technology. Alongside the conventional medical and non-medical degrees such as MBBS, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, etc., there’s been an increase in enrollments in modern-day specialization programs such as Food Biotechnology, Aerospace Medicine, Biotechnology, etc. These new areas of study offer a vast potential and provide various opportunities in various industries. This article will list the top high-paying courses you can pursue after 12th science. Are available to you.

Top 20 High Salary Courses After 12th Science [PCMB]

“Which program is the best for me after completing 12th Science?” is one of the questions that many students in science face after finishing 12th. Examining your interests following 12th grade is vital. It can help you choose the best career path, especially within the Science stream. It offers many highly-paid courses after Science with PCB and PCM and without NEET, management design, Arts, Technology, etc.

These are 20 of the most sought-after high Salary programs after the 12th science

  1. Medicine: MBBS
  2. Engineering and Technology: BTech/BE
  3. BSc Information Technology
  4. Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)
  5. BSc Computer Science
  6. Bachelor of Pharmacy
  7. Alternative Medicine Courses: BHMS, BAMS, Naturopathy Courses
  8. BSc in Nursing
  9. BSc in Biotechnology/Food Technology/Biochemistry
  10. BSc in Psychology
  11. Bachelor of Architecture
  12. Commercial Pilot Training
  13. Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)
  14. BSc Physics, BSc Chemistry, BSc Biology
  15. Paramedical Courses
  16. Management: BBA, BMS
  17. Media: BJMC, Bachelor of Mass Media
  18. BA LLB (Bachelor of Law)
  19. BSc Statistics/BSc Maths
  20. Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)

The Top Salary Courses After the 12th science PCM

Science is divided into two areas, which are Medical and non-medical. The non-medical field, commonly known as PCM, comprises three main subjects: Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry. Below are the most favored high-paying courses after 12th science that includes MPC subjects:

  • Engineering: BTech/BE
  • BSc Computer Science
  • BSc Information Technology
  • Commercial Pilot Training
  • Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy
  • Bachelor of Architecture
  • Other BSc courses include BSc Statistics, BSc Maths, BSc Physics, BSc Chemistry, etc.

Engineering Courses

Engineering is an area that never fails to entice applicants due to its numerous specialization options and lucrative career possibilities. The most sought-after degree programs after twelfth-grade science. Civil, Computer Science, Electrical, Mechanical, and Electronics are a few of the most well-known branches offered by various universities around the globe. Beyond these, many areas of engineering are brand new and developing. These include Aerospace, Automation engineering, Mechatronics engineering, Fire and Safety Engineering, Highway Engineering, etc. The length of BTech or BE is the same across different nations, i.e., four years. To obtain an education abroad for this subject, students must take English proficiency tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE and meet the eligibility requirements that differ between universities. The pay of some of the highest compensated work profiles overseas ranges between 20-25 lakhs INR.

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Architecture Courses

With the rapid growth of cities across the globe, the need for those with a solid foundation in architecture is highly sought after. From the top-paying degrees following 12th science, Architecture is a one-degree program that receives an impressive number of students. A degree program such as Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) provides students with the technicalities of designing layouts and the structures needed to construct physical infrastructures like malls, buildings, hospitals, etc. The program lasts for five years. Upon completion of the course, the starting salary is between forty lakhs and fifty lakhs INR. Various institutions across the globe offer undergraduate degree programs.

BSc Computer Science

BSc Computer Science is a popular choice for 12th students who have taken Computer alongside MPC subjects in the higher secondary school. This program is appropriate for students who wish to learn about computer systems in depth. The course curriculum provides the knowledge of subjects like Database Systems, C++, Java, etc., and gives students the technical abilities. The graduates earn about eight lakhs, which could go up to 25 lakhs if they choose more specifications.

Commercial Pilot Training

Another of the most sought-after and famous courses that pay a high salary following 12th science is the position of a Commercial Pilot. Many commercial pilot courses can answer your questions regarding what it takes to be a professional pilot following the 12th class. Since the advent of globalization, the aviation industry has experienced tremendous growth. These, in turn, have led to a rise in the need for qualified pilots. The median starting salary of commercial pilots globally is between 40 and 50 Lakhs and can rise to as high as 90 Lakhs after further training.

Higher Salary Courses following 12th Science in PCB

Another renowned scientific stream is medical. Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Chemistry comprise the fundamental disciplines of this stream. Below are a few of the most lucrative courses that follow 12th science. BiPC subjects:

  • Medicine: MBBS
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)
  • BSc Nursing
  • Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
  • Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS)
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharma)
  • Paramedical Courses
  • Bachelor of Hospital Management/Administration
  • BSc Courses include BSc Psychology, BSc Biology, BSc

MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)

A bachelor-level degree course, MBBS is one of the most sought-after Medical Science courses opted for by students. Although this course is offered by a range of universities around the globe, to pursue this 5.5-year degree, students must pass the NEET entrance test. The salary of fresh graduates ranges from 50-70 lakhs per annum.

BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery)

BDS is the most sought-after degree program that follows MBBS. The typical duration of the program is about 4.5 years, which varies between different universities. The course prepares the students in various areas related to dental health. The salary for a new dentist who practices abroad is between 20 and 40 lakhs.

BSc Nursing

One of the most sought-after high-paying courses after the twelfth-grade science courses can be found in BSc Nursing. The program teaches students about the most critical aspects of providing patient care, such as the post-operative and pre-operative aspects. The course runs for four years, and graduates earn an annual pay range of 29 lakhs to 34 lakhs. Numerous institutes around the world offer the system.

Higher Salary Training Courses other Than Engineering or without Maths

Let’s look at the other courses that pay high salaries following 12th science, other than Engineering and without the necessity of maths in the 12th school curriculum.

Homeopathy (BHMS)

In a world looking for various forms of alternative medicine and alternative therapies, a BHMS course is an excellent option for students in the science stream. The field of homeopathy is becoming an increasingly sought-after area and is one of the most sought-after higher-paying fields after the 12th science. BHMS covers 5.5 years. After your program, you will be able to explore many opportunities within the private and public sectors. A doctor who practices homeopathy will allow you to earn about 3-4.5 Lakhs per year.


Another vital career field within the health care industry, Pharmacy, is an ideal area for those looking to study the process of creating medications and prescriptions for customers. Since it is an interdisciplinary field, an occupation in Pharmacy is also an excellent opportunity to earn a good salary and look into after completing your 12th science. Students interested in this field can take D Pharmacy to get a brief overview of the subject. If you are interested in exploring more, you should consider a Bachelor of Pharmacy as the following option. Completing a Pharmacy degree is a great way to explore opportunities in pharmaceutical firms, hospitals, pharmacy retail, research organizations, and other research organizations. The salaries in this area range between three Lakhs or 16 Lakhs annually.


In our modern times, the public is focusing on mental health just as they are placing importance on being physically healthy. These have led to many hopefuls becoming interested in studying Psychology and exploring its various areas of expertise, be it Industrial Psychology, Counselling Psychology, or Clinical Psychology, among other fields. The median salary for psychologists ranges from around 2.5 to 3.5 million dollars per year in India. It will depend on whether you choose to be a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist. There is a significant difference between psychologists and psychiatrists, primarily based on their academic credentials. To become a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist, you have to earn a bachelor’s degree in medicine. You can then obtain a specialization by MD and certification. If you want to become a psychologist, you must pursue a Ph.D. with a concentration in Psychology, and a Doctorate in Psychology is the most prestigious degree.

Forensic Science

A multidisciplinary field that brings Physics, Biology, and Chemistry together, Forensic Science is also an excellent career option to consider among the lengthy list of top-paying programs after the 12th grade in science. Choose to pursue a Forensic Science course after 12th grade. You’ll have the necessary knowledge and training to pursue opportunities in the government sector and research institutions. In India, the average salary for Forensic Scientists is between 3 and 4 lakhs per annum.

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Higher Salary After 12thPCB, courses are available, but without NEET

There are a variety of medical courses with no NEET score requirements that students in 12th science with PCB can pursue. These are the top higher-paying courses following 12th PCB without NEET

  • BSc Nursing
  • BSc Nutrition and Dietetics
  • B.Sc. Clinical Research
  • BHMS course
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy
  • BSc Psychology
  • BSc Forensic Science
  • BSc Optometry
  • B.Sc. in Medical Imaging Technology.
  • BSc Agricultural Science
  • BSc Cyber Forensics
  • Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
  • BTech Biomedical Engineering
  • BSc Fisheries

Management Courses

If you are interested in programs after the 12th science, The field of management and commerce is also accessible to students. It also offers lucrative degree programs across a range of areas of study. Beginning with Business Administration through Hospital and Healthcare Management, you have the option of choosing from many classes that offer high-paying jobs following the 12th science, and some of these popular courses are listed below:

  • Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)
  • Bachelor of Hotel Management
  • Healthcare Management Courses
  • Integrated MBA
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • Hospitality Management Courses

Arts, Design & Media Courses

When you complete the 12th standard in science as their main subject, Many students are drawn to creative endeavors, such as creating, writing, painting, etc. If you’re hoping to be an artist or make a name for yourself in the ever-growing media industry, There is a broad selection of short-term classes and degree programs that you can choose to explore. Below is an overview of the introductory higher-paying courses after the 12th science within the area of Arts, Design & Media: