Online IELTS Training Platforms

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Who said you could only learn about the IELTS test at school? Many online platforms assist you in preparing for your IELTS test in Academic English. This includes its four required sections: Reading and Speaking, Listening, and Writing) and provides methods that will test your English abilities and knowledge of the test at a fraction of the cost of attending a school for language.

We have evaluated three leading websites that provide IELTS test training to help you pick the best option and be accepted into an international school within minutes.

  • The IELTS Test Online IELTS Test Online is an element of Impact Learning Services, New Zealand
  • IELTS Academic Test Preparation with EdX, United States
  • IELTS Magoosh, United States
  • E2Language, Australia

When we review these IELTS preparation websites online, we can offer our opinions about the people who will benefit from the platforms.

The platforms used for training shall be evaluated for the following aspects:

  • Usability and design of the page
  • Preparation materials included
  • The experience of simulation
  • The test for speaking
  • Evaluation of test results as well as keeping track of the results
  • Fees and duration of the subscription
  • Conclusions

Each topic includes information about every one of four different platforms.

1. Platform usability & page design

IELTS Test Online

  • In the beginning, it isn’t easy to know how to begin. The chaotic layout of the site can confuse.
  • Certain graphic elements appear old-fashioned.
  • More relevant links to pages from the past may aid in navigation.
  • It is sometimes difficult to remember where you arrived on a particular page.

IELTS Academic Test Preparation

  • Clean, modern look.
  • Also includes a student support section and an informative info page.
  • Also, there is a FAQ that includes forum responses.
  • Easy to begin and navigate.
  • Videos are subtitled.
  • It is easy to predict what you’ll be doing by looking at particular icons.
  • A good overview of the steps and exercises available.

IELTS Magoosh

  • It’s easy to navigate and find your place on the website.
  • Simple, modern, and straightforward platform.
  • It is simple to mark and monitor your progress by keeping a record of completed courses and a chart of percentages.
  • The platform is easy to use. You can make notes throughout the video and go through the notes as you require. There is no introduction before you can get started.
  • You can also provide feedback for each video lesson to follow what your teacher is saying more clearly. You can speed up the video without affecting the quality.
  • In the course of the test, you need to fill in your answer in an additional box and then click the submit button. This button is located further down the page; This is not user-friendly.


  • An excellent website structure with an excellent guide to help you get started quickly.
  • Users can decide with what they would like to begin.
  • You can also get an individual study plan based on a brief questionnaire.
  • Students can take part in brief exercises while watching instructional videos for free.
  • The platform is modern in appearance and is simple to use and easy to navigate.
  • It is possible to keep track of your progress if upgrading to a more advanced version.
  • It is easy to pass tests. However, when the timer begins, it is not always possible to be able to stop it.
  • Includes a video tutorial on how to utilize the platform. It is also an easy-to-find FAQ section.

2. Included IELTS preparation materials

IELTS Test Online

  • With over 80 interactive lessons as well as 350 instructional videos.
  • The introduction of vocabulary will be included before every lesson.
  • The lesson begins with a test before each class to assess your basic knowledge.
  • There’s a wide selection of instructional videos included in the classes.
  • The platform allows preparation for a broad range of test-takers from 5.0 and up to 9.0 scores band.
  • There is an outline of study to assist you in mastering the rhythm of learning.
  • It is possible to download MP3 files for other uses after the subscription ends.
  • A free eBook of 800 pages that includes every lesson.
  • There are many games to play for relaxation while improving your English proficiency.

IELTS Academic Test Preparation

  • It includes many videos, with the possibility of downloading them should you wish.
  • Some engaging exercises are included.
  • You can only access some of the items if you pay an additional.
  • One hundred sixty extra activities for premium students.
  • The progress bar tracks the tests you have completed.

IELTS Magoosh

  • Seven hundred hours worth of video content.
  • Video lessons covering the four sections of tests, IELTS abilities, and comprehensive grammar classes.
  • Alongside offering English language instruction for the components of IELTS, it also offers classes about English Grammar.
  • Test simulations and lessons are divided into separate sections.


  • The free version offers training exercises and videos along with living classes.
  • Teachers assess student progress when they’ve selected the option of a paid course.
  • For paid plans, students can set up meetings with teachers to design the course of study, attend a pre-test session for a refresher, and receive answers to any urgent questions.
  • Users can choose a preferred level for grammar tests, which means they receive more relevant classes based on their current stage. You can view one-hour recorded classes and sign up for live online lessons held frequently.
  1. Test simulation experience

IELTS Test Online

  • Fifteen tests of preparation in each IELTS section, for an overall total of 60 exams, regardless of which option you select.
  • Each test comes with an estimator of the score for bands included.
  • You can take the test as many times as you like.
  • The test loads in a pop-up.