Top Law Schools in South Carolina

To become a lawyer, you’ll need to go to an excellent law college and pass the bar exam. These two requirements are crucial in securing your first legal position. However, sometimes picking the best law school to complement yours is very difficult. So how do you choose?

Uth Carolina can be described as a beautiful coastal state located in the Southeastern United States that also is the home of two of America’s most prestigious law schools.

What makes a law school respected?

What factors earn a law school the right to be featured on American News and World’s famous rankings? The most critical metrics that determine the rankings include:

  • ABA accreditation.
  • The percentage of students who have passed the bar for the first time and the resources available to students.
  • Job placement achievement.
  • The interaction between students and faculty.
  • The school’s standing with its peers.

Together, these factors create a complete ranking system that aids potential students and employers, and general citizens know how various programs perform in comparison to each other.

The two law schools rated the highest within the State of South Carolina is the Charleston School of Law (#147-193) and the University of South Carolina (#96). In the article below, we’ll explore why these schools are unique and how they compare with one another and other law schools across the United States. Also, what sort of LSAT scores and GPAs do they need to be admitted, and how efficient their students are in getting through the bar examination, earning permanent employment, and impacting the world.

Best Law Schools in South Carolina

If you decide to pursue a career as a lawyer, The following step would be to pick the right law school. There are two choices in South Carolina: The University of South Carolina (Columbia, SC) and the University of Charleston (Charleston, SC ).

The American Bar Association has accredited both of the schools. Take a look at the complete overview of both schools to make a more informed choice. Which one is more suitable for you?

University of South Carolina

  • Bar Passage Rates: 65%
  • Acceptance Rate: 59%.
  • Average LSAT Score: 1500
  • Average GPA : 3

The University of South Carolina is often referred to as one of the top schools in the state thanks to its outstanding academic performance and its stunning campus.

The “Horseshoe,” as students and faculty refer to it, is the heart of the college. It also has the most beautiful gardens. The college offers not just outstanding academics but also extraordinary extracurricular activities.

The Gamecocks football team is among the top across the nation. Law students can enjoy the game for a much-needed break from their work. The city is also home to many eateries and tourist attractions.

According to U.S. News and World Report, law school at the University of South Carolina is listed as the “92nd most prestigious Law University”. There are many other opportunities for you to expand your resume while in the Law School at the University of South Carolina.

University of Charleston

  • Bar Passage Rates: 43%.
  • Post-Graduation Salaries: Approx. $100,000
  • Acceptance Rate: 74%
  • Average LSAT Score: 146
  • Average GPA: 89

The University of Charleston is a private institution located in the biggest town (based on the population) in South Carolina. Students can earn their law degree while studying for the bar test.

The opportunity to attend Charleston Law School is an excellent way to kick-start your career. The faculty is highly regarded and offers numerous opportunities for mentorship. There are many lawyers in Charleston for internships.

The campus is stunning, with a small student number than South Carolina University. The law school’s goal is to provide its students with the fundamentals required to succeed in law.

CSOL is renowned for its highly dedicated professors and low student-to-faculty ratio. In the year that Dean Larry Cunningham joined the CSOL administration in the year 2020, the Dean said, “I am impressed by the commitment of the faculty to their students and the effectiveness of their teaching. The students are enthusiastic, thoughtful, and dedicated to making use of their education for bettering the world.” In fact, this notion of the “greater good” is at the core of everything CSOL does and encourages its students to be active. The school’s philosophy is called pro bono Populi or “for the benefit of the entire population” and the public service requirement of 50 hours per student indicates that the school, on the overall, provided more than 500 000 minutes of community service.

Which School is Right for Me?

Law schools located at both The University of South Carolina and the University of Charleston provide law students with an outstanding education. The rate of employment placement is relatively high at both institutions.

South Carolina doesn’t have as many choices for law schools as other states. But, there are no law schools located in South Carolina that are considered inferior compared to the rest of the country, so that you can expect a high-quality education.

Final Notes

The University of South Carolina and Charleston offer top-quality law schools. The difference is dependent on the surrounding environment.

Charleston Law School is part of a quieter, smaller campus. In contrast, the University of South Carolina Law School is home to a more significant number of students and has more extracurricular activities. However, both schools have gorgeous campuses and highly respected law schools.

You can find out more about each program by going to their official websites to learn about fees for tuition and housing.