Top 5 Nursing Schools in Canada for International Students

top nursing schools in canada

Canada is home to one of the most prestigious education systems globally, with nursing as one of the most sought-after fields of study universities offer. Each province has its own regulatory body that determines the standards for the profession and sets requirements that must be met by those who apply. A point worth noting is that the Canadian health system is highly dependent on nurses. They have more interaction with the patients than medical professionals themselves. A registered nurse can work in hospitals, clinics, or nursing homes. As with other countries globally, the COVID-19 disease has taken over the health care industry in Canada, which has led to a significant need for nurses. It is an ideal destination for students and professionals who want to work in the United States. In this post, we’ll examine how to study nursing in Canada.

What are the degrees available for nurses across Canada?

To become a nurse in Canada, You can either begin with a certificate or go directly to earning a diploma based on your credentials. The degrees offered at the undergraduate level that you can pick your preferred option are the Bachelor of Science in Nursing – blended and accelerated programs. This degree will allow you to enter the workforce right away.

You can opt to enhance your education by completing a Master of Nursing program by applying to schools like The University of Alberta. Another school that offers master’s programs for graduate students is McGill University, which has a Ph.D. degree that focuses on Nursing in McGill’s Ingram School of Nursing.

Cost of Nursing Education

The nursing program in Canada is cheaper than in other countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. Naturally, it can depend on the degree of studies and the school you’re studying at. You’ll require between C$20,000 and C$30,000 each year to cover your tuition costs.

Before you can be accepted for admission before can obtain you, you’ll have to show that you can pay for all of the expenses for the year. Remember that this isn’t just the tuition costs since you’ll need additional funds for housing and other essential needs. Transportation and food are about C$500 or C$150 each. These values will all depend on the location in which you decide to reside. If you opt to live away from campus in an apartment, it will cost $1,000 per month.

Students from other countries are permitted to be employed while studying nurses in Canada. But, you’re only qualified for this privilege if your study permit has this clause. Therefore, you will not require an employment permit for employment on or off-campus. The money you earn here can be used to cover your expenses for the month.

Nursing Requirements for Study

Suppose you’re interested in joining an undergraduate or diploma program at a Canadian institution. In that case, the very first requirement is a high school diploma. In general, the grade for high school is C. However, it could differ based on the admissions year. English Math, Biology, and Chemistry are the most common subjects demanded admission to universities such as Ryerson University, but Physics may also be beneficial.

Other requirements include letters of recommendation from your previous school, writing samples, and a declaration of intent. English test scores are required, especially if you’re from a country that is not English-speaking. There are three tests: IELTS, Pearson, and TOEFL scores will differ according to the institution you choose. So, be sure to check out the official websites of your institution and confirm your selection before preparing for a nursing degree in Canada.

In Which languages do you study nursing within Canada?

The primary language used in instruction at most Canadian universities of further education is English. For example, at the Alberta University of Alberta, most classes teach English as the primary language in all departments. However, a handful of courses are taught in French or French, or both. Whatever the case, you’ll have to be familiar with the English language for academic and social functions. Be sure to verify the specifics of a study on the relevant university website to make a plan ahead.

Best Nursing Schools in Canada

1. University of Alberta

Known as”the” U of A, the University of Alberta is a public research institute founded in 1908. It has a wide range of programs in different fields, from sciences to healthcare. It is home to U of A and hosts about 4000 students from more than 150 nationalities, making it among the most diverse universities globally. Its size and academic quality have earned the university its image and popularity. The University of Alberta is considered the top nurse school in Canada.

Are you interested in committing to any of the nurse programs offered at the U of A? The university provides Bachelor’s degrees and master’s and Ph.D. programs in various nursing disciplines. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing, for example, is a program that lasts for four academic years. The reason it is that the U of A ranks among the top universities is due to its technologically-oriented education. For nursing, hands-on instruction is carried out using a cutting-edge simulation of patients. If you are an international student, you have the possibility of being in a dual-language program, which is taught in both English and French.

2. McGill University

Another famous college for nursing students in Canada includes McGill University, which accepts international and domestic students. Indeed this group makes up approximately 29% of students. The public research university was established in 1821 in Montreal, Canada. It is a prestigious institution with more than 300 areas of study, including engineering and health care. It is, however, one of the top Canadian nursing schools since it has the most rigorous entry requirements in Canada.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program by McGill University prepares you thoroughly for future job opportunities. The information gained from this course will help students develop creative skills that are vital for nurses. The school requires that you finish the requisite 106 credits, which is three years of studies – before being qualified to graduate. If, however, you’re coming right out of high school, you’ll need 30 more credits that will make it a four-year course. Confirm all information on the university’s website before finishing your application.

3. University of Calgary

The University of Calgary is a popular destination for international students studying nurses in Canada. Established in 1944, the University of Calgary is one of Canada’s top universities for research and education. There are five campuses. Four of them are located in the Alberta region, and the fifth one is located in Doha, Qatar. The Canadian nursing school is home to around 30,000 students across different disciplines of study. If you’re interested in developing your nursing career in Canada, the Canadian nursing school is one of your options.

The nursing programs offered at the school are designed to help shape nurses to be the best of the future within Canada and around the world. A majority of the programs, especially the ones for undergraduates, are designed to provide the required practical knowledge for working in a healthcare facility. The ingenuity of the programs ensures that students graduate with the required knowledge and abilities to provide patients with the highest level of attention.

4. Western University

Western University is another Canadian nursing school worthy of mention in this list. It was established in 1878 and has since evolved into a world-class university academically and in terms of infrastructure. Western University’s innovative learning system has placed it on the global education map, which is why it has a growing number of applicants. Presently, Western University hosts about 4000 International students, accounting for approximately 14% of its student body. Western University offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree (BScN) course, a joint program offered by the university with Fanshawe College.

Its BScN Degree program offers a four-year degree that covers a variety of nursing disciplines. The application for this program is accepted through the university’s website. It’s also required to be registered with the nursing association in Canada. These are also the case in other countries based on government regulations. With the repute of the institution and its reputation, you can anticipate being able to apply for admission in a highly competitive manner.

5. McMaster University

The final contender in our list of the top universities for nursing in Canada is McMaster University. McMaster University is on this list of top Canadian institutions due to its distinctive contribution to the healthcare sector. Established in 1946, McMaster University is based in Hamilton, Canada. Since its first nursing school in the mid-1940s, the university has developed its education method to adapt to the current requirements of the nursing field.

McMaster University is internationally renowned for its innovative approach to the health sector. The current student-centered method of learning based on problem-solving ensures that students gain the expertise to address today’s society’s problems professionally. As a result, it is possible to get a job inside and outside Canada following the program’s success.

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