Study Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Canada

Study Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Canada

Canada is the digital hub of the IT and telecommunications industries due to numerous small-, medium-and large-scale technology companies and increasing FDI inflows. AI could potentially double Canada’s economic growth if researchers and companies continue to collaborate in the years ahead.

Artificial Intelligence in Canada offers many opportunities to work in diverse fields with life-changing technology. Studying AI in Canada will give students a solid understanding of Artificial Intelligence. This includes deep learning, data science, and the creation of AI designs for real-world purposes. You can do an AI course in Canada if you are interested. We have created a guide to help you learn more about artificial intelligence in Canada.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

One example is Artificial Intelligence (AI), a branch of computer science that focuses on building intelligent machines. These machines can perform tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence, such as self-driving cars and chess-playing computers or personal digital assistants. There will be a tremendous demand for AI professionals in the future, as AI plays a growing role in our daily lives.

Why Study Artificial Intelligence Canada?

There are many benefits to pursuing artificial intelligence programs in Canada.

Bright Career Opportunity:

A career in artificial Intelligence offers you an excellent salary and countless opportunities. You could become a Software Engineer or Hardware Engineer, a Machine Learning Engineer, a Business Intelligence Developer specializing in Data Science, or if you are a Research Engineer.

Expert Network with Experts from All Over the World:

You can study artificial Intelligence in Canada and build your international network by working with professionals from all over the globe. You can have discussions with other students, which can help you understand your work and show it with examples. This can lead to higher grades in assignments.

Address Challenges in Your Sector :

There are upcoming and current ways that AI will be used in any industry. Addressing challenges will help you grow your career and equip you with the latest knowledge and skills to allow for success. AI courses in Canada can help you apply what you have learned to specific challenges.

Top Universities for Artificial Intelligence Canada

Many universities offer programs in artificial Intelligence. These include a Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence in Canada and a PG Diploma in Artificial Intelligence in Canada. The following universities offer courses in artificial intelligence in Canada.

University of Waterloo

The Waterloo Artificial Intelligence Institute is committed to developing and promoting research on all aspects related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The program’s primary goal is to provide information on all three fields Computer Science, Statistics, and Optimization. The program also provides basic instruction to the graduates to make them quickly with the latest trends and challenges emerging from the business.

Queen’s University

The school offers numerous classes in AI that are suitable for postgraduate, undergraduate, and doctoral programs. The course focuses on machine learning (ML) in addition to AI techniques and their execution using modern tools and programs. The system provides an understanding of the technical aspects of AI and current approaches to reclaiming data and data search and the best ways to use them in real-world issues practically.

Georgian College

The Artificial Intelligence computing pattern dramatically transforms the functions and capabilities of computers. The college provides diplomas and certificates for graduate and undergraduate degrees in more than 130 courses across various academic fields. Students studying abroad in AI courses will analyze, develop, design, and implement artificial intelligence systems by applying organized methods and methods to meet organizational requirements.

Lambton College

The certificate program offered at Lambton college includes the option of working with a co-op. Students from abroad will take the primary course in this program: Data visualization used for AI and ML data mining and analysis of neural networks, deep learning, tools for software, and the latest techniques that support AI and machine learning, as well as extensive data fundamental network for data storage.

York University

The Artificial Intelligence course at York University provides a technical foundation in natural computational methods, language processing, and modeling while balancing with the essential business skills. Students who complete this course will be able to combine a range of managerial and technical abilities and ethics that are essential for tackling business issues.

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is identified as a research institution because of its projects. The research areas comprise Software Engineering, Database Systems, Artificial Intelligence, etc. The university also provides students with an MSc in Computer Science and AI for international students studying in the following areas machine-learning, artificial life and heuristic search modeling human strategic behavior robots, introduction to mechatronics and robotics, as well as other areas.

Eligibility Criteria, University Requirements, and Guidelines for AI Courses in Canada

Students from abroad who are passionate about programming, algorithms, frameworks, and other related subjects should study Artificial intelligence courses in Canada. Canadian universities require that applicants meet specific eligibility requirements to be admitted.

  1. Academic Qualifications
  2. English Language Proficiency Test
  3. Canada Study Permit
  4. Additional Requirements

These are the requirements to study AI courses in Canada as international students. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Academic Qualifications

 International students have different academic requirements:

  • Students must have passed 10+2 examinations at any institution with at least 50% passing marks to be eligible for bachelor’s degrees.
  • Students must have 10+2 qualifications at any recognized institution with at least 50% marks to be eligible for a diploma in artificial Intelligence.
  • Students must hold a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university in science, management, or engineering to be eligible for a postgraduate diploma in artificial Intelligence.
  • It is mandatory to have a bachelor’s and a postgraduate degree within the field of Artificial Intelligence for doctorate programs.

English Language Proficiency Test

Students abroad interested in applying for admission must pass the English proficiency test. This test requires a minimum IELTS score of 6.5-8 or a TOEFL score starting at 88.00 points.

Canada Study Permit

Canada study permits are required for students who wish to study artificial intelligence in Canada. After acceptance by the university, the application will be accepted.

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Documents Requirements for Artificial Intelligence in Canada

Additional documents are required for AI in Canada.

  • Official Academic records
  • Updated Resume
  • Two reference letters
  • SOP
  • Passport (Scanned copy)

Application Process for Artificial Intelligence Courses in Canada

International students must follow specific steps to apply for AI in Canada.

  • International students must visit the official website of Canadian universities to apply to artificial intelligence courses.
  • Review the course structure, eligibility, and fee structure of the institution you are interested in, and then fill out the application form.
  • Once you have applied, gather all required academic documents and send them to the university website.
  • International students must also submit an English proficiency test to wait for their admission results.
  • After receiving your acceptance letter from the university, please return to it within the timeframe and pay the tuition fees.
  • Now, you can apply for a Canada Study Permit and plan your trip to Canada once you have received it.

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Studying AI Courses in Canada

AI has the potential to transform our lives, improve business results, and open up new possibilities. International students should be aware of the costs of moving to Canada to study.

Tuition Fee

An international student who wishes to study Artificial Intelligence in Canada will need to pay around 15,000CAD per annum and 26,000CAD per annum, depending on the university they apply to.

Living costs

The cost of living in Canada varies depending on the student’s lifestyle and expenses. An international student living on campus will spend 8,000 to 10,000 Canadian dollars per year. A shared apartment will be available for around 400-700 CAD per month.

Scholarships for Artificial Intelligence Studies in Canada

International students determined to study in Canada will be eligible for scholarships based on their academic achievements and English proficiency. International students can apply for a variety of scholarships. Here are some examples:

Scholarship NameEligibility CriteriaBenefits
IDRC Research AwardsInternational students from developing countries enrolled in master’s or doctoral programsTravel and research support of up to 15,000 CAD
Vanier Graduate ScholarshipsMust be meritorious student, have research potential and leadership skills50,000 CAD
Ontario Trillium ScholarshipPhD students in Ontario40,000 CAD
Canadian Studies Post-Doctoral FellowshipCompleted thesis in last 5 years, is not employed, length of stay 1-3 months2500 CAD/month & airfare up to 10,000 CAD

Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Intelligence in Canada

What are the main areas of specialisation in artificial intelligence?

Ans. The most critical areas of artificial intelligence specialization are Deep Learning, Python, and Data Analysis.

What are the common terms associated with AI?

Ans. Standard terms that are associated with AI include:

  • Deep learning
  • Algorithm
  • Expert system
  • Cognitive Science

What is artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence refers to a process that permits machines to learn with experiences and think and act like humans. Some examples of this are personal assistants such as Siri and Alexa, self-driving cars, and song and movie suggestions via Netflix and Spotify are just a few examples.

Is AI good in Canada?

Canada is a frontrunner in the global AI landscape, recognized internationally for its excellence in research, skilled talent pool, and contributions to AI innovation.

Ques. Which AI specialisation has the highest salary in Canada?

Ans. Canada’s artificial intelligence engineer salary is among the best.