Strength and Weakness in Interview


Strength and Weakness in Interview

A frequently asked question in an interview with HR that we all have experienced or will encounter during a personal interview is “What is your greatest strength and weak point?”. Many applicants aren’t sure how to answer the question, but setting the proper context can give recruiters an honest and thoughtful response. Indicating your awareness and professionalism will help you succeed in an interview. This article will discover the strengths and weaknesses and suggest crafting your answers to interview questions

Why Do Interviewers Ask “What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

“What are your strengths and weaknesses?” is a frequent inquiry asked by recruiters and interviewers worldwide. It’s the most efficient method of assessing the candidate’s ability to convey, differentiate and convey their strengths, skills, and weaknesses to the prospective employer. The question will help the interviewer determine your potential and whether your weaknesses and strengths match the company’s ethics and values.

27 Key Strengths List

These are some of the most compelling examples of the essential strengths that you can mention during an interview

  1. Accuracy
  2. Brevity
  3. Clarity
  4. Creative
  5. Determinate
  6. Disciplined
  7. Dedicated
  8. Enthusiastic
  9. Flexible
  10. Honest
  11. Hard-working
  12. Negotiation Skills
  13. Organization Skills
  14. Patient
  15. Trustworthy
  16. Time-management
  17. Team player
  18. Quick learner
  19. Versatile
  20. Optimistic
  21. Judiciousness
  22. Excellent Communication Multitasking
  23. Expressive
  24. Respectful
  25. Innovative
  26. Attentive
  27. Empathetic

When you’re preparing your answer to the “What are your strengths and weak point?” question, it’s crucial to make sure your strengths match your job descriptions and help set yourself apart from other applicants. Be precise in your answers, and don’t be too modest.

Which are the top Strengths? Examples of Answers

These are some of the most compelling examples of what you can do to answer the question: Your Top Strengths:

Example 1 “I am always a speedy learner. When I was a child, I was a voracious reader of diverse books ranging from autobiographies to fiction and encyclopedias. Growing up, I was interested in learning languages and programming. I view my practice of always learning something new as one of my strengths because I’m always eager to try new challenges, learn and become an improved version of myself.”

Example 2 “I think of interpersonal communication and interpersonal abilities as my strength because I’m a natural at speaking to people and working with diverse teams and working together on various projects. The head of my class was of school at my high school. I constantly contacted classmates from various classes, helping students with their studies and notes and soliciting their views regarding school activities and events. In college, I wasn’t just at the top of the class. Still, I was also involved in extracurricular activities participating in the Drama Society, the sports committee, NGOs, and other NGOs and serving as a campus representative for various jobs.”

11 Weaknesses List

Understanding your weaknesses can be an extremely sloppy process in terms of understanding your weaknesses. Your answer must be based on your crystal explicit knowledge of your weaknesses, yet it must not sway you from your strengths. At this point, you can put your imaginative thinking to the test and be clever about it. Here are the top examples of how to answer the question: What are Your Strengths?

  1. Don’t be too critical of you
  2. Perfectionist
  3. Procrastinator
  4. Introverted
  5. In a hurry to finish your tasks by deadlines, you strain yourself along the way.
  6. It takes time to establish trust with your subordinates.
  7. The desire to be perfect could hinder your participation in the delegation.
  8. Change isn’t your strength. Therefore, you need the time to adjust to a changing environment.
  9. It is hard for me to ask individuals questions at times or enforce new rules or rules and regulations.
  10. Being sensitive to the needs of others Sometimes, people attempt to manipulate me.
  11. My style may appear harsh and sly to some.

The best approach is to identify your weak point and then add details and a specific tale or instance of how this characteristic has been exhibited in your career. These can give your employer an idea of your self-awareness level and dedication to professional development.

What are Your Weaknesses Example Answers

These are examples of answers to the question What are your weaknesses:

Example 1 “I will state that my greatest flaw is too self-critical of myself. At the beginning of my life, I noticed that I was always focused on the things I was not very good at instead of appreciating how much I’ve accomplished and what I could do to improve myself. I’ve discovered that the most effective way to overcome that habit would be to look for ways to look back and focus more on the accomplishments while always striving to improve myself.”

Example 2 “I was always a perfectionist, always looking for ways to improve the quality of something until I am happy with it, even though sometimes I am completely out of my way to achieve something. My friends have always criticized this behavior, and I only discovered it some time ago, in a college assignment where my drive to attain excellence almost cost our team the credit for that particular class. I learned my lesson that day and have continued to strive to finish tasks on time, but my best effort into it, and be content in the process.”

10 Personality Strengths and Weakness

Once you know the most common weaknesses and strengths, you can highlight these on your resume and interviews. Here are some qualities and flaws that reflect your personality. It is essential to consider your strengths and weaknesses because they are the elements that will show your ability to handle issues and situations.

5 Personality Strengths You Should Know

  • Brave
  • Confident
  • Idealistic
  • Determined
  • Humble

5 Personality Weaknesses You Should Know

  • Being too sincere
  • A difficult time letting go of projects until they are completed
  • I’m giving myself a lot of time and the deadline for finishing work
  • You are too critical of you
  • Introverted

10 Strengths and Weaknesses of Resume

Are you thinking of changing your work, specifically, into an entirely different career path? Resumes are the first thing that the hiring manager looks at. It is essential to ensure that it is a representation of your capabilities. One of the most important aspects of a resume is to include strengths and weaknesses. We’re here to assist you and have put together strengths and weaknesses in your resumes:

Top 5 Strengths for Resume

  • Creative
  • Determinate
  • Dedicated
  • Flexible
  • Honest

Top 5 Weakness of Resume

  • Multitasking too much
  • Self Criticism
  • Too detailed-oriented
  • Overthinking
  • Analytical

10 Strength and Weaknesses of HR Interview

After you’ve impressed your potential HR manager with your resume, The next step is to nail an HR job interview. One of the most frequent questions that HR wants to know is what is your most vital point and weaknesses? Here are a few strengths and weaknesses that you can utilize in your HR interview

5 Strengths for HR Interview to Land Your Dream Job

  • Clarity
  • Determinate
  • Organization Skills
  • Patient
  • Polite and Honest

5 Weakness for HR Interview to Land Your Dream Job

  • Perfectionist
  • Introverted
  • Too much stressing to finish work by the deadline
  • Procrastinator
  • Working first before my ease

10 Strengths and Weakness for MBA Interview

Whatever the location you’re seeking an MBA, there will always be an MBA interview process. Some students are worried about this particular interview but don’t be concerned because we’ve sorted out the most frequently asked questions in MBA interviews. Here are the answers to your strengths and weaknesses for the MBA interview:

5 Strengths for MBA Interview

  • Enthusiasm
  • Discipline
  • Patience
  • Determination
  • Dedication

5 Weakness for MBA Interview

  • Looking ahead to the future and developing effective strategies
  • Too much risk taker
  • Think about the entire team
  • Do your best to complete tasks before the deadline
  • Want pure perfection

Strength and Weakness for Fresher

These are difficult questions for those who are freshers. As a young person is not a person with experience in the corporate and professional world, being upfront about your shortcomings and adapting your strengths to match the job’s requirements is the best method to secure your dream job. Here are a few weaknesses and strengths that you can utilize to stand out


  • Determined
  • Polite
  • Dedicated
  • Goal-oriented
  • Creative
  • Flexible
  • Innovative
  • Team player
  • Open to Criticism
  • Persuasive


  • Self-critical
  • Public speaking
  • Impatient
  • Anxious
  • Indecisive
  • Slow worker

How to Address Your Strengths And Weaknesses

Many recruiters will ask the question to find out if you’re the perfect candidate and match for the team and the company and how you’ll adjust to the company’s culture. When answering this crucial question, it is essential to keep some things in mind. Candidates must not overshare and be able to identify the strengths of their applicants and weak points of the job profile they applied for. It is, therefore, crucial to highlight the qualities that can help you succeed in obtaining the job. In particular, I was hoping you could stay clear of clichés such as I’m a perfectionist and refrain from oversharing such as stating how you are prone to procrastinating.

How to Script Better Answers

The perfect solution requires a lot of thought and reflection. The first step is to assess your strengths and decide if they align with the abilities and responsibilities that come with the position. Create an appropriate response, such as “Hi, I am convinced that my strengths are in my capabilities as a professional editor, writer, and marketing analyst. I am a fan of trying new things in my writing and editing skills, challenging myself to think differently, and staying up to date with the latest developments on the market. Regarding my weaknesses, I must make myself set unrealistic goals for myself.