Free Laptops for College

Free Laptops for College

Laptops are freely available to students in college: Fiction or fact? you are about to find about in this post

By providing laptops or iPads, schools can help students save more money by giving them the technology they require to finish their studies and downloading e-books instead of buying expensive physical textbooks. It sounds like a win-win scenario, but the reality is that many of these schools include an enormous technology fee into their tuition fees, or they have restrictions attached to the no-cost Laptop or iPad.

The Laptop is an amazing educational resource and an excellent investment for students pursuing their education online. However, even though college can make you a slave to quarters in your living room, an unpaid laptop should never be taken for granted. In such instances, you must conduct your research. What are the steps you must take to be qualified? Are you able to keep the scholarship after graduating? Are there warranties or guarantees? Does it cost anything? Who paid for it?

Are free laptops for college Real?

Have you ever been the lucky recipient of a gaming console? Have you ever been greeted by a pop-up advertisement to inform you that you have been the 100,000th person to visit the day and are entitled to an e-gift card?

If you have spent ten minutes surfing the internet, you have likely won something. These websites promise you a reward once you provide sensitive personal information such as your telephone numbers and addresses. Instantly, your brain thinks that this is too good to be true, and it is not without reason.

Due to scams such as this, we decided to find out whether free laptops offered to college students are the deal or just a scam.

However, many colleges provide “free laptops” with slightly high-priced prices hidden in the tuition costs. Although some free laptops for college are genuine, we will guide you to discover the criteria that make you eligible.

What Can I Do to get a Laptop Free for college?

We all know that laptops, tablets, and other techs do not cost much. However, for college students, finding spare change is an accomplishment. Based on the National Association of College Stores that 81 percent of college students completed some online class during the school year 2020/2021. Additionally, they used more than half of the digital services they had in the past. In addition, more than 50% of students bought laptops and other computing devices during the school year.

A good laptop could cost hundreds of dollars. Specific models could make a significant gap in your wallet, with prices beyond the $1,000 mark. It is true that not every student can afford that much funds.

There are many ways you could purchase a laptop, even if you are unable to be able to. There are, however, specific conditions to meet to be eligible for certain programs. Let us look at some organizations and suggestions to get a laptop for college students.

Get in touch with on It Foundation On It Foundation.

Short for opportunities Needed to Enhance Technology The On It Foundation aims to offer free computers and computer-related training and access to the internet for people with limited income.

The organization collaborates with computers access centers, businesses, educational institutions, and local communities for one purpose to empower everyone to share the benefits of technological advancement and success, especially the nation’s most disadvantaged young people.

You can obtain an available laptop by contacting the On It Foundation. On It foundation provided a student in your household is:

  • The user is a United States resident and attends a public elementary school.
  • Free or reduced school lunches.
  • In grades K-12.

You can find out what you need to do to get a no-cost laptop at college by visiting this foundation’s FAQ section. Even if you are ineligible for a free laptop in light of these guidelines, you can get incredible discounts on computers via this foundation’s Jump On It program.

Check out the National Cristina Foundation

In 1984, it was established 1984. National Cristina Foundation is devoted to closing the gap between people in terms of technology by establishing the first technology reuse.

Businesses donate their brand new or previously used devices to charities and donate to groups engaged in education empowerment.

However, it is essential to note that you cannot obtain a computer for free by yourself. However, you can get one from an organization that has been which is registered with Foundation’s Digitunity network.

You can get a computer from Everybody On

Everyone On works with various partners to help bridge the digital divide by offering various services and programs.

Students who are financially strapped and have a low income can obtain free or cheap laptops. The group also promotes free internet.

Use PCs as a Human Interface

You can get a free laptop for college and get internet at a low cost if qualified to participate in this program. PCs for People is licensed to repair Microsoft computer systems, meaning you will likely get an unpaid laptop for college that is equipped with the most recent Windows software.

If you are registered with an income-based program for government assistance or under poverty, you are eligible.

Laptops with no cost from Craigslist

Another excellent place to search for cheap or free Laptops that are affordable or free is Craigslist. This is the top site for people looking to get rid of or donate their old laptops.

If you are an undergraduate student could get an inexpensive laptop in this manner. However, even if you do not see any laptops for sale or freely available, it could be worthwhile to put up an advertisement on the website and inform others that you are looking for an affordable laptop to use in college.

Reward Sites

Earnings from different reward sites to pay for a laptop. Certain reward sites require users to follow the steps to receive cash rewards:

  • Shop online
  • Take quizzes
  • Browse the web
  • Play games online
  • Complete offers, etc.

Make sure you are confident doing these things without being swindled or criticized. The websites then pay you with redeemable points to cash in real money through checks, PayPal, or gift vouchers to famous merchants like Amazon.

In the end, you must join several reward websites to earn more. It is then necessary to accomplish tasks through these websites to make enough money to take cash out. We will discuss a little more about reward websites below.

Goodwill and Local Salvation Army Chapters

There is assistance available regardless of whether you are in difficult times or not working but require a laptop to go to college. It is not a guarantee, but you will never be sure if you seek help. It could be an idea to contact the local Salvation Army chapter or Goodwill.

Look for giveaways through Social Media.

If you are active on social media, You will likely discover a variety of stores and brands offering sweepstakes, giveaways, and contests. If you take part in giveaways of legitimate businesses, you may get a laptop for free at college. Keep an eye out for contests like these, and be sure to enter every one of them as often as possible.

Check Freecycle

Freecycle encourages the recycling of used items which is good for the environment, helps keep them out of the landfill, and creates an atmosphere of belonging. This is why you may get a laptop for free. Additionally, you can submit a request to your local freecycle website.

Get in Touch with Your Local Government Organizations

Many local governments provide laptops for free or at a reasonable price to families with limited incomes. In Missouri, For instance, families with low incomes can purchase inexpensive laptops through Web Innovation and Technology Services (WITS). Also, you can contact your local State Department of Human Services, or your town office could be a good starting point.

colleges that provide Laptops for Free to students

You might have noticed that some universities offer iPads and laptops for free. This is due to a special technology grant, for example, an agreement with Apple or a different computer brand. Since the school is not liable for expenses in purchasing the computer, it can pass the computer for free for the pupil. However, these opportunities are rare and may differ year to year.

You can get laptops through your school free of charge in most cases. However, the laptops are not free as the cost of tuition or technology will be included in the cost of the Laptop. However, offering an option to pay for the Laptop’s cost in installments using your tuition fees and the resulting hole in your budget could be less complicated. Keep in mind that the Laptop may prove to be less expensive if you buy the Laptop on your own one time.

Although some colleges may offer free laptops to encourage students, it is best to look over the fine print and know the conditions. Let us look at a few of these schools.

The True Cost of That Laptop Free for College

Chatham University

The college was originally a women’s only institution, Chatham University became co-ed in 2014. Every first-year student who enrolls receives the MacBook Air with a warranty for theft and damage and repair and replacement services for free. They are covered by the Technology Fee, which is approximately 375 dollars for a semester.

Delaware State University

Through an agreement with Apple, The school’s Digital Student Universe project will give all new students an unbeatable 10.5-inch iPad Pro or a 13-inch MacBook Pro with an Apple pencil and a smart case and an electronic keyboard.

The one-year warranty is offered by AppleCare+ that does not cover the smart pencil and cover. Be aware that you may be charged $299 for damage for Apple’s AppleCare+ and around $49 if you break the iPad.

Full Sail University

Full Sail is a well-known school for its specific programs for students who are not traditional. The University’s Project Launchbox includes free laptops and iPads, media-creation software and tools, and lots more for students. However, they are not necessarily free since they are included in the student’s technology fee.

Northwest Missouri State University

The NMSU provides all students and graduates who are full-time fully loaded HP Probook 440 G7 Notebook PC, tech support, and repair support included in the approximately $299 per semester cost for tech support.

The user must return your Laptop after completing the program, and if you break it or lose it, you will have to be charged $1,500 for a replacement.

Rutgers University – Newark

Rutgers Newark is one of the three campuses of Rutgers University that houses the Rutgers Business School, one of the top business schools in the country. Furthermore, Rutgers University Student Technology Loan Program Rutgers University Student Technology Loan Program provides loaner laptops to students enrolled in a Mini MBA in Digital Marketing.

  1. John’s University

St. John’s University’s non-profit Academic Computing Initiative could get you a laptop with a warrantee, support for tech, and repair assistance for the cost of tuition. Students can select 12 inches Lenovo ThinkPad or a 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Wake Forest University

The Technology Grant program at Wake Forest University gives students the chance to get a laptop for free and other advantages. Even if you are not eligible to receive the award, you may purchase a discounted Wake Ware device covered by insurance, repair services, and technical assistance.

You will receive the Lenovo notebook, and you pay a one-time cost for insurance around $139 which is $300 if you decide to keep the Laptop following the completion.

Where can I get Cheap Laptops for College?

Suppose you cannot find an available laptop to use in college, it is possible and relatively simple to obtain a bargain or a laptop that is heavily discounted through the following sources:

Connect All

Laptops can be purchased for just $144 at Connect All, provided you meet the requirements for low income.

Computer Technology-Assistance Corps (CTAC)

CTAC program has CTAC program has given more than 3500 computers to libraries, faith-based groups, low-income families, non-profits, and schools. This means that you can get a laptop for your college at an incredibly low price, beginning at only $125.

Dell Refurbished

This program, however, does not offer old Dell laptops. Nevertheless, it is a fantastic opportunity to purchase a bargain laptop from a reliable brand, mainly if living on a tight budget.

eBay as well as Amazon

Several reliable sellers on eBay provide discounted prices on new, refurbished, and used laptops. You can also find used laptops on Amazon at only a fraction of the price that new laptops cost.

Furthermore, the Amazon Trade-In program allows you to trade Kindle electronic book readers, books that are old DVDs, and other things for the gift card. The gift card to lower the price of a laptop purchase Amazon to a greater extent.

Notebooks for students (NFS)

The NFS is a program available to students in primary schools, high schools, and colleges. They sell laptops at a significant discount with a variety of brands. They also offer excellent technical assistance. It is also possible to get computers if you are homeschooled.

Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse

Stated, AFTRR is a program run by the National Cristina Foundation. It partners with local groups in providing computers for those in need. It is possible to obtain an overview of these organizations on the site.

Free College Laptop Online Survey Scams

If you are interested in websites that conduct online surveys or reward programs, You might be wondering what they could afford to pay you or even give you laptops at no cost.

These kinds of websites make an enormous amount of cash through advertising. The website earns from affiliate programs when you sign up for various trials or services and receive commissions.

Are there ways to get a laptop for free on the reward or survey website? Maybe. However, it will likely cost you an extended time and many hours of effort. In most cases, earning enough money through these websites to earn an unpaid laptop can be a few years. Therefore, you are better off looking for a decent-paying part-time job or side-hustle.

The second issue with survey websites is identifying an authentic one. Many scam websites have no purpose other than rob you of your personal information and even your cash. This means that you will not only spend your time taking surveys that you will never be money to take, but you may also even get your personal information stolen.

The best rule of thumb to follow when looking at free surveys on laptops is that if something appears too good to be true, it is.

The Final Words on Free Laptops for College Students

Many educational institutions, non-profit organizations, websites, and other platforms claim to provide free laptops to college students. However, it is crucial to recognize that in most instances, the word “free” is often misused.

In the best case, free laptop offers are typically an attempt to market. In the worst case, scammers may use them to target you on the internet.

Some colleges offer free laptop programs, be sure to be aware of who is responsible for their care and what happens if your laptop is damaged or lost. The fine print typically states you are responsible for managing your devices. Some colleges are kind enough to provide laptop repair plans in some cases.


Although a handful of schools can live up to their claims of laptops for free, this myth is a bust. We hope this article has given you the confidence to read the fine print while searching for those rare unicorns that provide laptops for free to college students! We have not discovered one currently, but we are sure that some of the top institutions will take the initiative to make laptops that are free to college students a reality in the near future.