How to Apply to an International University in China in 2022

How to Apply to an International University in China

Studying abroad studying in China is much easier than you think. The Asian country has become increasingly sought-after over the past few years because of its excellent educational facilities, renowned sciences and technology degrees, and up to thirty top-ranked higher education institutions. China is also a fascinating destination for international students due to its culture and customs.

If you’ve decided to pursue a degree in China, follow the steps below to apply to a Chinese college.

Chinese universities to think about studying at

Here are some of the best Chinese universities that you can consider to study abroad:

  • Zhejiang University
  • Peking University
  • Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
  • Tsinghua University
  • Xiamen University
  • Beijing Institute of Technology

how to Apply 

  • Do not rush to decide the degree you’re supposed to pursue. There are a variety of exciting and unique degrees. Still, it is essential to spend the time to conduct sufficient research and study all the details.
  • Check if your credentials are in line with the requirements of universities.
  • The admission process is determined by the highest scores at your last school.
  • China has established an age limit for the students age at which they can apply. Most universities won’t take students older than 30 to get a Bachelor’s degree or over 40 for a Master’s or Ph.D.
  • You must apply to at minimum three institutions, and you’ll improve your acceptance chances.
  • Find out about the scholarships available to apply for scholarships in China. You may use Studyportals Scholarship to get some aid in financing your education in China.

Where do I apply to an International University in China

Concerning the process of applying, Chinese universities permit students from abroad to select one of the below options:

  • Many find that the most simple and most effective method is to submit an online application directly on the site of your preferred university.
  • Apply via CUCAS, an online self-service platform that lets you apply to every Chinese university. The platform acts as an intermediary for you with the school.
  • Apply using CUAC. You can apply to a Chinese university. This website provides an online consultant and professional guide to help you make the right choice regarding your education within China.
  • The best way to apply is using the help of classmates who are currently attending the Chinese school you would like to apply to. They can quickly get all the information regarding the required application documents. Should send the copy to acquaintances, and they will use it on your behalf.

The language requirements for an application to a Chinese college application

If you are looking to be considered for an English-taught degree, the accepted test for English are:

  • IELTS Academic

HSK tests are accepted in the following manner:

  • HSK Elementary – for Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine degrees
  • HSK Intermediate – for other degree programs (such as Liberal Arts, Economics, Management, and so on)

University application documents that are required

  • Passport photo
  • Photocopy of passport that is valid
  • A photocopy of a valid passport
  • Personal ID card
  • Health certificate
  • Certificate of not having a criminal record
  • Chinese/English language proficiency certificate
  • A letter of commitment (parent or guardian legal of student signs a document stating they are responsible for the student’s obligation to follow the rules and regulations of China as well as the school)
  • A proof that you can back your studies in China
  • A certificate or diploma from the school that last graduated from. school
  • Academic transcripts from the last time you high school

Based on the specific needs of each college or study program, could need additional documents.

Deadlines for university applications in China

The academic year in China typically has two semesters: the spring semester and the autumn semester, except for some higher education institutions that have implemented the three-semester model.

It is advised to determine the specific application deadline for every semester, but here are the most common dates:

  • The spring term: Apply by the middle of July
  • for the fall semester: Apply by the deadline of late April

Final steps following receipt of an acceptance email

These are the steps you will need to follow after receiving your acceptance note:

  • Request an application for a Chinese students visa as quickly as you can. Contact the Chinese consulate/embassy in your area for more information.
  • In the first 30 days of arriving in China, the first step is to get a residence permit through the local public security office or a police station.
  • Set up a health insurance policy. These should protect you from accidental injury and medical expenses and must cover a minimum of 62,000 USD. You can purchase insurance through your country of origin or buy an insurance policy for health once you arrive in China.