Colleges with the Highest Graduation Rates

Colleges with the Highest Graduation Rates

If you’re considering applying to colleges, consider various factors. Does the college have your desired major? Are you a good fit with the student population? What are the general reputation and the degree of selection?

A crucial metric to not forget is the graduation rate. Read on to discover which schools have the best percentage of graduates and why they are essential. These will tell you much about the worth of the education you receive at a specific college.

What Does A College’s Graduation Rate Tell You? Why is it Important?

When choosing the right college, a vital indicator of the institution’s quality is the school’s graduation rate. Typically, schools provide their four-year or six-year graduation rates. These are measured as percentages, representing the percentage of students who attended the school as a freshman but then were able to graduate from that college.

Graduating within four years will mean fewer expenses (fees for tuition rooms and boards, and other charges) and a chance to start your career earlier. Some students may require more time because of changing subjects or having breaks from school, being in a part-time position, or coping with various personal issues. Knowing the metric you’re analyzing is crucial to understanding the complete picture.

Both measurements indicate the amount of “bang for your bucks” you receive. Suppose you find that a school has an impressive graduation rate, and you’re confident and at ease knowing that the odds of earning your degree at the school you choose are high. You’re investing a lot of time and money to get your degree. And If you don’t complete your studies and earn the same ROI.

It’s nevertheless vital to be aware that this isn’t a perfect measure to assess. The graduation rates do not account for students who started their college journey at a different school or for those who earned a two-year degree. They are also typically limited to full-time students. With the number of adults returning to school to pursue their studies in the present, part-time students make up more of the college community than at any time in history.

The graduation rate isn’t identical to retention rates. It is the proportion of students who stay from their first year of college to their second year. It’s also a crucial indicator that helps you assess the school’s performance; however, it is essential to remember that students may quit school later during their college years.

Top 10 Colleges With the Highest Graduation Rate

Following The Chronicle of Higher Education, The colleges and universities located in the United States with the highest rate of graduation over six years include:

  1. Yale University (97.5%)
  2. Princeton University (97.3%)
  3. Harvard University (96.4%)
  4. Dartmouth College (95.9%)
  5. Harvey Mudd College (95.9%)
  6. University of Pennsylvania (95.7%)
  7. Duke University (95.4%)
  8. Bowdoin College (95.2%)
  9. University of Notre (95.2%)
  10. Amherst College (95.2%)

The list below is based on data from U.S. News, includes colleges with the highest four-year graduation rates. 

College4-Year Graduation RateLocationAcceptance Rate
Washington and Lee University92%Lexington, VA21%
United States Naval Academy91%Annapolis, MD9%
University of Notre Dame91%Notre Dame, IN18%
Davidson College91%Davidson, NC19%
Williams College90%Williamstown, MA13%
Babson College89%Babson Park, MA24%
Georgetown University89%Washington, DC15%
Pomona College89%Claremont, CA8%
University of Chicago89%Chicago, IL7%
University of Virginia89%Charlottesville, VA26%
Vanderbilt University89%Nashville, TN10%
Boston College88%Chestnut Hill, MA28%
Bowdoin College88%Brunswick, ME10%
Carleton College88%Northfield, MN20%
College of the Holy Cross88%Worcester, MA38%
Columbia University88%New York, NY6%
Cornell University88%Ithaca, NY11%
Hamilton College88%Clinton, NY16%
Haverford College88%Haverford, PA19%
Johns Hopkins University88%Baltimore, MD11%
Vassar College88%Poughkeepsie, NY25%
Washington University in St. Louis88%St. Louis, MO15%
Yale University88%New Haven, CT6%