Top 10 Benefits of Enrolling Early in an Online School

Benefits of Enrolling Early in an Online School

The spring and early summer months may not be the most famous moment for parents to think about the next school year; however, perhaps they’re not aware of the numerous benefits of registering before starting an online class. If you’ve decided to send your child to an online school or plan to go back to an online school next year, you can reap these advantages by enrolling early instead of waiting until autumn. Complete the enrollment process today and reap the benefits that are listed below!

1. Enjoy Online Summer Camps

When they are enrolled in an online academy, the students will be able to participate in the school’s free K12 summer camps that can connect them with the world of the web and offer them the opportunity to learn during the summer. The online camps begin in June and provide many fun summer activities that kids can participate in at home or while on the move. Students who are enrolled will be able to attend every camp in their respective grade and pick only their favorite ones or go to all of them to learn about new subjects! Each informative and fun session takes less than an hour and covers gardening, space travel sciences, arts and art, geometry, chemistry, and art.

Summer camp topics include:

Adventures in Space

Science in the Kitchen

Geometry in the World

Mystery Mayhem

Influenced by the Masters The Lilies of the Water Lilies

Can You Keep Your Boat Afloat?

Terrarium Time

Wonders of the World

2. Access to Coach University only Coach University

Learning Coaches also get the early registration process! As the student’s Learning Coach can participate in workshops, live sessions, and other events through The K12 Learning Coach University(TM) (LCU) when your student has been accepted into the next school year. The feedback on the courses has been overwhelmingly positive, according to an earlier K12 survey. “This is very helpful in working with my kids in my role as Learning Coach,” one mom wrote after attending one of the classes, Identifying the Love Languages in Kids class, “but VERY important as parents.” The courses that are included in the free Learning Coach University offerings include:

Setting Up Your Student for Success

Social Media for Parents

The Roles and Responsibilities of the learning Coach

Inspiring Reluctant Readers to Read

Calm Parenting

Identifying the Learning Style of your student

3. Learn about Online Learning and other students

Students who attend K12-powered schools can participate in live sessions that provide valuable information on online learning in preparation for the start of school. The topics include creating students and Learning Coach accounts and instructions on using the online platform and other resources and tools. Learners and Learning Coaches that can establish their bills and get familiar with the platform earlier will be more prepared for when the school year starts. Additionally, K12’s national student ambassadors give students who are new or returning their most valuable advice on how to achieve high marks in an online school setting. K12’s “Meet and Greet” and “I’m new” sessions provide additional resources for students to ensure a successful academic year, including topics about interacting with teachers and interacting with fellow students online. These classes run from June, July, and the month of August.

4. Secure your seat in class!

The specified amount of pupils. Certain online schools come with enrollment caps every year, meaning there is a limit on the number of students who can enroll. When the enrollment cap has been exceeded, new student applications will be added to waiting lists and will only be accepted if space is available. Families who sign up early save themselves the frustration of being put on a waiting list if the school is at its capacity. This is the perfect time to ensure your child’s place in the class.

5. Get rid of the summer slide by registering for free Summer Activities for Strong Start.

Experts agree that children must engage in education during the break to avoid losing summer learning. The Brookings Institution discovered that “students scored lower on their academic achievement during summer vacation with a one-month gap of school knowledge.” K12’s Strong Start Summer Fun program aids in preventing the effects of this “summer decline” by offering a variety of fun but informative courses and activities for students enrolled in the program starting on July 15. There are courses available to every age group, including challenges and games that encourage students’ participation. Kindergarteners through sixth grade can play Stride Academy, Space Coaster Koofu’s Quiz, and Space Coaster. Students between the ages of 6 and 12 will be able to participate in daily challenges designed to stimulate self-reliance, foster healthy habits, and inspire imagination. Discussion boards online are available for a few of the games so that students can communicate with one another and share their achievements.

6. Inspire Summer Reading through the Digital Literacy K12 Solutions — Big Universe(TM) Digital Library

A world of books at the touch of a button awaits those who register before beginning the school year! In Strong Start Summer Fun, students from kindergarten to 5th grade will have access to K12 Digital Literacy Solution–Big Universe (TM), an online library with 15,000 titles at different reading levels. A consistent reading schedule throughout summer is essential to ensure that children retain their reading abilities and avoid learning loss when they enter the autumn. The Big Universe(TM) program offers reading challenges that can bring reading to life and inspire young readers to love books.

7. Create Your Learning Space during the summer

One of the benefits of studying at home is the ability to customize the child’s space. Spend time during the summer to design an atmosphere that is relaxed and where your child is capable of focusing and motivated to study. It is best to designate a space for learning that is that’s functional but also reflects your student’s individual preferences. Make sure the room has adequate lighting and seating and avoid clutter. Studies have proven that the environment in which students learn can affect students performance. So, you’ll need plenty of time during the summer months to arrange and plan your space!

8. Be Prepared Better for the day that classes begin.

When classes start this fall, your child will be able to achieve the fullest potential academically! If you decide to enroll your child in a virtual school, you’ll receive resources and videos to help you get prepared entirely on the day you start school. Early registration will allow your child ample time to use the many resources available. After registering, you’ll become part of a national community composed of Learning Coaches, teachers, staff, and students. One of the advantages of being part of this community is access to federal programs, engagement opportunities, and assistance aimed at helping your child reach their goals.

9. Create Your Student ID early to take advantage of discounts

Every student will be issued an ID card that includes a student’s unique number after enrolling in an online school. ID cards are valid during the summer months to avail of the various discounts available to students. Numerous stores selling shoes and clothes like American Eagle and Adidas provide discounts for students who can show their ID cards. Many stores and brands offer discounts on devices that are designed for students. Some movie theaters, including AMC, are offering discounts for students who show proof of an ID. Students who sign up early avail of the deals throughout the summer!

10. Have fun in the summer knowing Everything is Set for School

It isn’t easy to take breaks when deadlines are soon. Inscribing your child in school before July and August allow everyone to relax and relax during the summer season without worrying about having to register for school in time. When school starts the next day, you’ll be sure that you wrote early and had ample time to complete the necessary steps needed to be prepared to have a great year!

This school year can be the most memorable by preparing in advance! Suppose you’ve selected a K12-powered school that your child will be enrolled in next year. In that case, you and your family can count on loving teachers, stimulating classes, a supportive community, and customized education. Start today to enroll.

If you’re not sure if it’s the right choice for your kid, go to to find out more about how to bring public schools home. It is possible to see what it’s like to live the day of an online student and learn which virtual schools are offered in your region.