How can I become a Tattoo Artist fast? Skills, Tools, Training & Salary

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Tattoos are works of art that reveal the beauty of art when executed with the utmost care. We highlight the design but do not highlight the creator most of the time. This is why we’ve created a system to spotlight these artists by teaching how you can become a tattoo artist for yourself.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to become a tattoo artist, what tools are employed by tattoo artists, and the amount they earn, to mention just a few.

Tattoo designs created by artists are fascinating because they capture stunning moments in their drawings. In particular, I can remember the picture showing Manchester City player Kun Aguero celebrating after scoring the goal that earned the club its premier EPL trophy in the last few decades.

Who is Tattoo Artist?

Tattoo artists are an individual who is skilled in the creation of permanent designs on the body of a person.

The decorations are applied in a space called the tattoo studio. However, many call it an art studio or tattoo shop.

Whatever name you give it, it is the site where many gorgeous designs were developed, such as the illustration above.

What Do Tattoo Artists Do?

Tattoo artists are people who create stunning designs with patterned instruments.

The designs are created to create a beautiful plan. Therefore, Tattoo artists should assist people in capturing the most memorable moments of their lives with sketches.

Now that you know what tattoo artists do, you might want to learn how you can become a tattoo artist yourself. Before that, let’s talk about the tools employed by a tattoo artist.

What Are Some Of The Tools Used by Tattoo Artists?

A majority of the instruments tattoo artists use to practice their profession have disappeared. However, some remain. The traditional one hasn’t ever changed from its original model.

But, as the latest machine designs develop, powered instruments such as the pneumatic and rotary tattoo machines have made their way to the market. Professional artists can utilize a range of needles like circle liner needles or magnum needles.

There are a variety of different needles that connect to the bar’s hands, dependent on the number of attached needles. For example, a large magnum needle group can have fifteen to 55 needles in an individual bar.

His most basic tools are the tattoo machine, clip cord, power supply foot pedal tips, grip stems needles and tattoo ink. Artists are expected to have these tools for work. Each other tool at the artist’s disposal can be the same as every tattoo.

In some countries, such as the U.K., the equipment can only be sold to studios issued with a certification from the local environmental health department.

What Is The Average Amount Tattoo Artists Earn

As you would expect, tattoo artists don’t earn cents from the gorgeous and laborious work they put into their work.

According to, Tattoo artists can earn up to $107,318 a year through their work. Additionally, these profits aren’t inclusive of bonuses achieved through lucrative contracts and partnerships with specific companies and brands.

Of course, you’ll be awed that this comes from an eponymous shop/studio; therefore, let’s get an overview of what a tattoo studio looks like.

What would a Tattoo studio appear at?

You probably think that a tattoo salon is a dark room with only a few lights and loud rock music. These are pretty different from what a tattoo studio appears like in the present.

The image below shows the tattoo studio of Dragons Forge in the U.K.

How long does it take to become a tattoo artist?

If you are planning to go into the realm of tattoo artists, then you need to be ready for the lengthy journey. It can take about six years to be a professional artist.

The initial few years will be spent learning about the regulations that protect the cleanliness of studios and proper management. Additionally, the remaining time will focus on absorbing the basic concepts behind tattoo designs and the best way to visualize the ideas behind them.

You could consider it an extended time. Still, it’s essential to realize that it will bring you a satisfying reward at the close.

How do I become a tattoo artist?

If you’d like to know the best way to become a tattoo artist, be fast prepared to be amazed.

In a way, I would suggest that you go into a school of art where you are taught the basics of art by gaining a different understanding. Furthermore, you are aware of the history of art and the meaning that art has. But, it’s not a quick process and requires more extended, more time, and money.

If you want to have the benefits of a lucrative career, then you must consider an apprenticeship. You’ll be exposed to direct instruction and learning from experts through training. Additionally, many of these artists who have experience have learned various techniques you could quickly master in a brief period.

So, stop thinking that a classroom environment can provide what you require; instead, you should learn from your field via the observation of others and by practicing.

What do I need to do to get a license as a Tatoo Artist?

If you want to make a name for yourself, being a professional artist licensed to practice, you must make sure that you follow the steps.

In the beginning, you have to be a part of an apprenticeship program for many years. Then, you must begin to work on your craft and demonstrate a genuine sense of innovation in design. In addition, you must possess a studio or work in a studio that standardized rules have approved.

Then, when you have met all of the requirements stated and meet the expressed needs, you will be granted a license to work professionally.

What is the best way to be a Makeup Tattoo artist?

Makeup artists are called Permanent makeup artists. They also perform the same tasks as tattoo artists with only one additional distinction.

The distinction between them is tattoo artists use permanent makeup to inject colors into the skin to even out the complexion permanently. In contrast, tattoo artists design designs on top of their skin.

Thus, if you want to pursue your career as a tattooist, you need to meet some requirements.

These specifications comprise:

If you are a person who has to deal with blood, you’ll have to undergo this safety course.

This is why the training is designed to provide the most comprehensive knowledge regarding the safe handling of hazardous substances.

In addition, you will be able to be aware of the ways to dispose of waste and handwashing practices.

It is the most efficient method to become a tattoo artist and advance your profession, as we’ve said before. Certain states require an official certificate that shows you have received professional training.

Thus, these apprenticeship programs allow the student to participate in hands-on training. Furthermore, you will have an opportunity to move ahead of the competition by learning from more skilled tattoo experts.

When working with needles, there is a chance for mistakes to occur, which may cause injuries. When injuries occur, they must be treated before being diagnosed by medical professionals.

The safety and first aid course will allow you to master the art of applying first aid for injuries and the most effective safety methods. These practices will help you understand how to follow safety rules within your workplace to prevent accidents from happening.

You must apply to the state licensing office for makeup artists once you have fulfilled the criteria.

To obtain the license, applicants must pass the licensing test. The test tests your understanding of sanitation and safety practices, regulations, and rules.

For makeup artists, The Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals manages the organization. It is the body that regulates it.

The association prepares an exam for certification that you may take after completing the pathogens training. So, passing the exam can help you get a certificate from the organization.

Do I have the ability to become a Tattoo Artist without an apprenticeship?

I think you’d like to hear”yes” in response to this query. You can become a tattoo artist without having to undergo an apprenticeship.

If you’d like to avoid the business world, you’ll need to attend an art academy. In this situation, many art schools can help you and help improve your artistic capabilities.

Thus, if you want to pursue this path to advance your career, we will give you the best art colleges you can enroll in.

How do I advance my career as a Tattoo Artist?

Everyone would like to begin someplace, and nobody would like to stay where they started. Additionally, rising on the ladder in this field signifies increased salary, flexibility, and satisfaction.

So, if you would like to increase your skills, you must:

  • Diversify
  • Participate in Training and Mentoring Programs
  • Advertise

If you diversify your efforts, it opens you to opportunities that translate into more customers and experiences.

You can master better styles and features to enhance your design.

Mentoring and training programs offer the opportunity to be current with the latest techniques used in the industry.

If you take part in this class, you’ll be in touch with more experienced people who will help you advance within your professional career.

Most people do not see the need to promote. In reality, most people see advertising as not essential and are cheated.

Advertising is a powerful method of exposing your brand to people who need your services but don’t even know they exist.

Which are the best schools to study art?

Art schools teach students to understand more profound concepts within the realm of art. According to, seven schools have been ranked the top in design, structure, and learning.

It includes;

1. Aalto University

The tuition: $13,291.80 for the year

Aalto University was instituted in 2010 following the merger of three Finnish universities, including Helsinki University of Technology, Helsinki University of Technology, the University of Art and Design Helsinki, and the Helsinki School of Economics. 

But it is important to note that the University of Art and Design Helsinki was established in 1871, long ahead of the merger. Today, it is the largest university in Nordic countries.

In conclusion, Q.S Global World Ranking ranks Aalto University at the 134th spot globally.

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2. Politecnico di Milano

The tuition: $4,127.48 annually

It was established in 1883, and it remains the most technological university in Italy, with around 42,000 pupils.

As you would expect, This institution provides undergraduate, graduate, and higher education in architecture, engineering, and design.

Incredibly, very few students are accepted into The Design School every year. These are determined by a national test conducted by the Ministry of Education.

Based on the Q.S. World University Rankings, the university is listed as number 149 overall globally. According to the research subject, it is also ranked 6th for Design and 11th for Architecture.

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3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Tuition $$17,800 annually

MIT, founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a private research university established in 1861. The university has played a crucial role in creating a variety of aspects of the modern world of math, science, engineering, and technology. Additionally, it is recognized for its creativity and academic excellence.

The School of Architecture and Planning is responsible for most of the buildings within the university. In addition, the school has been able to keep this university at the top of the list of top universities.

MIT ranks number one in the Q.S. Global World Ranking because of its superiority.

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4. Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

Tuition $57,800 annually

It is an art and design private college that offers an immersive design and art, education model. Thus, the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) provides students with a studio and practical manner.

It has an 87 percent graduation rate and an acceptable percentage of 34%, which suggests potential.

U.S. News & World Report ranked RISD first among Fine Arts programs, above Yale University and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Furthermore, in 2019, RISD was ranked fourth by The Q.S. World University Rankings amongst Art & Design programs.

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5. Parsons School of Design

Tuition Annual cost: $25,230

The school offers an art and design institution offering programs in interior design, advertising, and graphic design.

In the past, it was believed that it was the very first in its type within the United States. The schools are:

  • School of Art and Design History and Theory
  • The School of Art, Media, and Technology
  • Schools of Constructed Environments
  • School of Design Strategies: Cities, Services, Ecosystems.

It was ranked 3rd by QS WUR and continues to be an ideal location should you want to know how to become a tattoo artist.

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6. University of the Arts

Cost of tuition $11,950.77 per year

The university is a leader in the design, fashion, and performing arts. There are six colleges that aid in developing and educating children’s minds.

Therefore, the institution is an affiliate program that includes two different colleges. Additionally, students from these schools can study at the three colleges.

According to the Q.S, the university was placed 2nd in the world in terms of Art and Design. Rankings(r).

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7. Royal College of Art

The tuition: $24,297.97 for the year

This research-based public university provides postgraduate degree programs in art and design.

Although its acceptance rates are 27.2 percent, it is regarded as the top art school.

In addition, RCA received the top spot in the design and art subject category in the Q.S. World University Rankings.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do tattoos cause harm to the skin?

Raise the likelihood of bone disease Hepatitis, bone diseases, and more.

How fast do I learn Tattoo Artistry?

It is hoped that you will be able to learn to tattoo in six years.

How much can a tattoo artist earn?

Tattoo artists likely make an average of $107,318 a year.

Does there exist an industry of tattooists?

There’s an industry for these experts. These are why now is the perfect time to look into the area.


In essence, it’s recommended that you go through an apprenticeship to develop your reputation as an artist.
In general, you’ll be able to learn from courses and programs as you progress in your career to help you get better.
In the end, it’s your choice the decision to go in this direction.

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