TUFTS Acceptance Rate for University Transfers, requirements for admission and tuition 2022/2023


The complete information for transfer from TUFTS University, so I suggest you read the entire guide to the very end.

TUFTS University Overview

Tufts University is a private university founded in 1852. It has a student population of undergraduates with 6114 (fall 2020). Its campus is located in the suburbs, and its campus extends over 150 acres. It follows the academic calendar based on the semester.

These are the name of an article at Tufts. They aim to be the best in what is meant by an institution that can teach and research and have a global impact.

Students and faculty are engaged in international research and scholarship on topics that range from AIDS and arsenic. They confront the fundamental human forces that fuel conflict and cooperation in international relationships.

And they accomplish this through global learning through interdisciplinary programs that use the skills of academics to real-world problems.

Tufts University’s commitment to the field of international education, research, and research extend across the curriculum. It is an integral element in all schools.

Tufts University’s place in the 2022 Top Colleges in America ranks as National Universities #28. The tuition and fees for the university are $63,000.

Tufts University, located not far from downtown Boston, is the School of Arts and Sciences home. The School of Engineering serves undergraduate and graduate students and various professional and graduate programs, including the highly-rated School of Medicine and Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. Students who are first- or second-year students must live on the campus.

Students can participate in clubs for students, such as cycling, a sport played by clubs and Beelzebubs, the male-only Cappella group, and The Geological Society. About half of students participate in study abroad programs, and about a quarter of students experience Greek life.

Tufts’s official emblem is Jumbo the elephant. It is the only school mascot that is included in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Tufts also has an ongoing collection of art that includes works by Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, and John Singer Sargent.

U.S. Transfer Transfer Acceptance Rate

In the past, Tufts University was able to accept eleven transfers students.

The school only admitted 167 students. The transfer acceptance rate of Tufts University is precisely 14.47%.

These illustrate how competitive it is to be able to transfer to Tufts University.

Tufts University Acceptance Rate

Tufts University’s regular admission has an acceptance rate of 16%.

Most students admitted to Tufts University have an SAT score of 1380-1530 and an ACT score of 32 or 35.

One-quarter of applicants accepted at Tufts University scored over these limits, while one quarter scored below the limits. The cost to apply at Tufts University is $75. The deadline for applying is in January. 1.

Tufts University’s Rankings for 2022

Tufts University is ranked:

  • #28 in National Universities (tie)
  • #48 in Best Undergraduate Teaching (tie)
  • #27 in Best Value Schools

Applications for University Transfer at TUFTS Requirements

  • Minimum GPA: While there isn’t any minimum GPA requirement for a student to be accepted as a transfer student to Tufts, Most successful candidates for admission transfer cases are those with a GPA of more than 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Scores of SAT: The official test scores for the standardized tests are needed.
  • Official transcripts The official records from high school and colleges are required. Notes of Recommendation Teacher Evaluations, as well as an Official’s Report, are needed.
  • Essay: It is the Common App for Transfer Admission and Tufts Supplement. Tufts Supplement needs essay-length answers. Spend time thinking about the questions and coming up with responses that will help in helping the Admission Committee learn more about you and the reasons behind your decision to transfer.
  • Cost of Application: The application fee is a non-refundable application fee of $70.
  • Interviews: Tufts cannot divulge the interview criteria.
  • Other Requirements: There’s a specific prerequisite for courses to be transferred into the School of Engineering.

Apply for Transfer to the TUFTS University

TUFTS University Transfer Credit Policy

  • The minimum mark is The minimum grade. It is crucial to know that only courses with a moderate degree or above can be eligible for the credits offered through Tufts.
  • Credits (Min/Max) Students at the School of Arts & Sciences require 34 semesters for graduation. Students studying Engineering and students at engineering in the School of Engineering need 38. Students can transfer only 17 credits from Arts & Sciences or 19 courses into Engineering. Must earn half credit at Tufts to get a degree

For TUFTS, Frequently Asked Question and Answers

Who needs to provide English tests of proficiency?

Anyone whose first language isn’t English has to provide proof of English competence unless the student has been enrolled in an English training program for a least three years.

The examinations that can prove proficiency include TOEFL PTE, IELTS, and Duolingo. Students taking ESOL classes in secondary schools may be required to submit evidence to prove their competence.

Are there any exams I can take in the future after the deadline? (or any other tests) shortly after Tufts deadline for applications has passed?

Applications. We strongly suggest all standardized tests must be completed before the January 1 deadline. However, we recognize that this might not be possible.

You may take standardized tests in January. Make sure your results are sent directly to Tufts after you have completed your test.

What do Tufts consider their opinion regarding their view of the International Baccalaureate?

We do not endorse any one program over the other. Tufts recognizes that the IB curriculum and the entire diploma course, in particular, are challenging curricula that prepare students for college-level work.

The successful completion of the diploma in its entirety is recognized as a condition by the Tufts admissions panel. It confers pre-matriculation credits while enrolling in Tufts.

Do I know the necessary score for the SAT/ACT?

Tufts does not have a minimum or a “cut-off” for standardized testing. Every test is evaluated in the context of the student’s academic, social, and personal background.

SAT as well as ACTs in my state. There aren’t any tests offered for this state. What impact does this affect my application?

Tufts Tufts University has introduced the test-optional admissions process for undergraduate students who have a minimum of three years old, beginning with the fall 2021 semester.

Fifty-year or transfers students are given the choice of deciding if they must submit SAT or ACT scores to be considered in gaining admission for admission to Tufts University.

Does Tufts limit its students overseas in general or just students from a particular country?

Tufts does not limit the number of applicants accepted from any class. In the past three years, Tufts has admitted students from 62 countries comprising Bangladesh, China, Greece, Jamaica, Paraguay, Qatar, and Zimbabwe.

Do IB’s and A-levels prevent me from making the annual transcriptions?

It’s not a problem if you’re in an institution that doesn’t use marking or periodic grade time.

If I’m currently an undergrad student in my nation of residence, am I capable of transferring my course at Tufts?

Suppose you’ve completed two or more academic terms in the college or university in your country of birth. In that case, you are eligible to be admitted as a transfer student.

Be aware that financial aid is not available to international applicants.

I’m a U.S. citizen living abroad. Am I part of this list of international citizens?

We will evaluate applications based on the location you’re currently in school, not based on the citizenship you hold.

I will read the application you fill out in conjunction with other students from your school.

I’ve been living and studying in the U.S. for several years. Can I still be considered an international student?

Yes, provided that you’re a U.S. citizen or permanent resident (and have a green card). If you’re applying for financial assistance, you must be able to provide all the documents required for international candidates.

We will inform you of the possibility of your status changes (for example, if you’re given citizenship or a green card) in applying.

Can I get assistance with the application?

Many students need assistance preparing for the standardized exams and creating essays or filling in applications.

While candidates are encouraged to seek help from their parents, teachers, and other counselors, Tufts is committed to the integrity and integrity of applications.

Students must submit their work on their own, along with authentic certificates.

The admissions committee is committed to ensuring that we will accept applicants who have a valid and authentic profile. We will not consider any application that proves that fraud has occurred.

What kind of academic qualifications do I require to be granted by my institution?

Tufts must submit four years’ academic intern performance for each application. We expect three years of grades and any marks accessible in the current academic year.

We’ll also ask for an official report of national exams taken in the past and anticipated scores (when readily available) for any still pending examinations.

Who fills the “Secondary School Report” on the Common Application?

A school official must complete the form with access to students’ academic and personal information.

The person filling out this form is usually the college counselor, school counselor, counselor principal, the school’s counselor head, or the head of the school.

This form and the transcript must be sent straight to Admissions Office directly by a school official electronically, using either fax or post.

Do I need to transmit photocopies of my High school transcript(s)?

There is no need to do this. Tufts Admissions Office requires the original copies of transcripts from secondary schools to be delivered directly to us from your secondary school.

What do I do if my teachers don’t communicate in English or the transcript I received is in a different one?

All certificates must be presented in English. Students or family members cannot translate letters of recommendation and transcripts.

The acceptable translators can be English teachers, official school personnel, professionals, or the individual EducationUSA office. Students do not have to utilize companies for credential evaluation of any type.

What do I expect to see in an examination at the national level and the IB use?

Exam results predicted by the test are usually compared with previous scores both from outside and inside to assess students’ learning ability.

Admissions are contingent on the achievement of the program and obtaining results that are in line with expectations and previous results. Students who suffer significant decreases in their final grades could be susceptible to academic suspension or being denied admission.

Do you have any opportunities for interviews available to students from other nations?

Tufts interviews aren’t compulsory and are conducted by senior students and alumni interviewers worldwide. Interviews can be performed at home, in the school’s zone, or on Skype or FaceTime.

Students interested in a possible interview by completing An Application Checklist after receiving their application.

Are you willing to consent to be interviewed by other businesses?

Yes, Tufts will be happy to schedule your interview with Intitialview and Vericant.

What is Financial Aid available through Tufts?

The amount of financial aid available at Tufts is determined by the financial needs that the pupil has. Tufts provides 100% of the financial needs of every student accepted. In acknowledgment of Tufts’s commitment to maintaining an international environment, Tufts University provides a certain amount of funds for students who are gifted and from all over the world.

What documents do you need to submit the application form for aid?

Students seeking financial aid have to submit the CSS Profile filled online and then send it to the College Board.

Students who feel worried about whether they are concerned that the CSS Profile would present a severe financial hardship may complete the International Student Aid Application. According to the deadlines, should submit the complete forms to the Financial Aid Office.

Am I given the possibility to apply for aid once I’m in college?

There is no. International students can be eligible for financial aid when demanded at their initial application.

Students who believe that they will need financial aid to cover the cost of a Tufts education must fill out the necessary forms before being accepted.

I’m not planning on applying for Financial Aid. What is the deadline, and when do I have to submit proof of my sources of income?

The students registered must show their financial standing when applying for the Student Visa.

Do I have to apply early decision to be considered by international students?

Yes, you may apply at Tufts Early Decision as an international aid applicant. The budget for financial aid will be similar to the one you receive when you make a regular determination.

You will not be able to apply to institutions under Regular Decision alternative routes (such as UCAS) outside of those in the U.S. You must end any applications you’ve submitted previously. However, suppose Tufts accept you within the Early Decision plan. In that case, it’s legally binding.

What type of support is available to international students at the campus?

Alongside general advice, guidance, health, and other services offered by universities, those outside the country can benefit from the International Center.

The center can assist in obtaining visas or work authorization and adjusting to the local culture.

Special programs such as the Thanksgiving program, winter lodging, and the opportunity to host from the local region are available throughout the year.

Do my scores from national tests allow me to achieve advanced standing at Tufts or earn numeric credit or advanced status at Tufts?

After enrolling, Tufts students may request credit according to their performance on tests like the International Baccalaureate, A-Levels, examinations like French Bac, the German Abitur, and various additional tests.

The advisors to the Pre-majors program are on hand to help students enrolled in the process.

Does it mean that I need to satisfy the requirement of culture and language to be a student at Tufts?

Students who speak different languages that are not English can satisfy the requirement of speaking another language in the School of Arts and Sciences by proving proficiency by using various methods. (e.g., how long the student was enrolled at an educational institution for secondary students. Also, suppose the language of instruction wasn’t English, and the results of the test for placement or results of tests that are standardized and count as credits towards admission to Tufts IB, British A-Levels, SAT II, IB British A-Levels, IB AP, or SAT II). In that case, advisors for pre-majors can assist students enrolled in the application process.

Students from other countries take their studies abroad?

Those from other countries can take up studies in other countries.

Can students from other countries be employed, gain internships, or participate in studies?

Yes, international students are eligible for jobs on campus that pay. They can also access research opportunities (paid and for free) on the campus. Opportunities for research or internships which are not paid in the university are offered and can be used to earn academic credits. Tufts can help students with their finances when forced to accept jobs that do not pay during summer vacation.

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