15 Most Paid Flight Attendants

most paid flight attendant

Are you curious about the most highly-paid flight attendants in the world? Check out this comprehensive article. You will find complete information about the top of the highest-paying airlines in The World and the highest-paid flight attendants.

We’ve all wondered how to maintain an aircraft floating when it is high above the ground. As an instructor, the pilot must ensure the safety of the crew and passengers.

The responsibilities they carry demand professionalism and high-level expertise. These are both highly sought-after by airlines. The pay for these employees of airlines is very high when one can meet the minimum requirement for being eligible.

Every person strives for the top companies in their area of expertise. A lot of airlines have been vocal rivals in a highly competitive market. Yet, there is a question.

Is being an air attendant a suitable job choice?

Yes! Flight attendants are one of the most sought-after professions all over the world.

There are many advantages to this path of career. The benefits of being a flight attendant are traveling worldwide, visiting new destinations, and learning about different cultures.

In this work, the horizons of your mind will expand to the fullest extent, and your communication abilities will increase dramatically.

Do flight attendants get paid well?

At present, the pay of flight attendants forecast is optimistic.

In the next decade, the growth of occupational opportunities is anticipated to reach 10 percent, which is greater than average compared to the other U.S. occupations.

The need for this occupation could be rising because air travel is becoming more sought-after and easier to access.

Many believe that a rise in demand will lead to more lucrative salaries for flight attendants.

What is the process of being an airline assistant (A Step by Step guide)

Flight attendants of airlines must be certified by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and must receive training from employers.

The minimum education requirement to be a flight attendant is an advanced graduation diploma from a high school or the equivalent and at customer service for a minimum of two years.

An applicant should be age 18 and possess a valid passport, be able to employment inside the United States, and pass an interview and a drug test.

In addition, they should be able to be corrected to a minimum of 20/40 and frequently must be able to meet the height requirements of airlines. Medical evaluations may also need to be completed for air attendants.

A flight attendant must be professional looking devoid of tattoos, tattoos, and hairstyles that are unusual or atypical.

Education Requirements For Flight Attendants: 

To become a flight attendant, you usually need a high school degree.

A lot of flight attendants are enrolled in the aviation academy. Students who have completed some college courses could be preferred by certain airlines. Certain airline employees might need to speak the language of another country.

1. Flight Attendant Training

To be certified by the FAA, pilots must undergo training at the Airline’s flight-training center.

The Airline offers flight attendants initial training. It typically lasts between 3 to six weeks.

In the course of the program, students learn emergency procedures like evacuating aircraft, using emergency equipment and administering first aid.

Additional training is provided to employees on company operations, regulations for flight, and work duties.

Once they’ve completed their course, students participate in simulation flights. The process of getting a job with the Airline requires training.

Flight attendants are awarded an official certificate of proficiency by the FAA following the initial course and continuing to be trained on the job according to the requirements of their employers.

Before becoming an airline attendant, passengers typically require at least 1 or 2 years of experience.

This experience, which includes the customer service in hotels, restaurants, and resorts, could be helpful.

Comprehensive knowledge of the skills of customer service acquired through work in sales or other jobs that require close interaction with the public could help you succeed as an airline attendant.

3. Certificates of Licensing, Certificates, and registrations to flight attendants

FAA certificate is required of every flight attendant. It is awarded after completing an employer’s training course and passing an examination.

Flight attendants must be licensed to work on certain aircraft types, and they must go through specific training for every kind of aircraft they fly.

A continuing training course is also provided each year to keep the accreditation of attendants.

How Much Do Flight Attendants Earn each year?

There isn’t a simple answer to this question. There are too many factors to consider. The amount of money flight attendants earn is dependent on a variety of different factors. But, I’ll explain these to you.

The typical pay for a flight attendant is between EUR20,001 and EUR45,000. ($22,001 up to $49,000) during their first year.

There is the fact that certain people make more money than others. I have a friend who makes $64,000 per year in private jet aviation, and others make lower than $10,000. Those employed by cheap Hungarian airliners, for instance, can satisfy the latter.

Whether you get started with any airline company, you can determine your monthly earnings depending on how many flights you fly.

Now let’s look at the top airlines that pay the most for flight attendants.

5 Top airlines to work for as a Flight Attendant

If you’ve chosen to become an airline attendant and are looking for the most reputable Airline to be employed by, take a look at this list:

  • Southwest Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Spirit Airlines

Which Airline pays the highest Air Attendant?

With an annual average salary of $43,460, American Airlines is among the best pay for flight attendants.

Southwest Airlines comes in second with an average of $40 236 in annual pay.

The highest-paid flight attendants on America Airlines receive additional annual payments of $2,825, while Southwest Airlines flight attendants receive $6,400 on top of their regular salary.

What are Emirates Airline Attendant Salaries?

Emirates flight attendant salaries range between $36 000 and $53 000 per year. It comprises base pay as well as flight hours and layover pay.

In general, similar to airlines pilots, Emirate flight attendants’ pay is tax-free. Additionally, All Emirate crew enjoy no-cost accommodation, with bills for housing included.

What Is Delta Flight Attendant Salary?

Delta flight attendant pay starts at $33 000 and goes up to $45 1,000 annually for the beginning level. Years of experience, qualifications, and experience also affect their pay.

In their final years, Delta flight attendants earn an average of $118,000 per year. An adequate amount to show appreciation for their commitment to customer service.

The pay of international flight attendants in the U.S. starts at $25 an hour. Flight attendants from other countries earn between $25 930 to $72,090 annually.

The highest-paid flight attendants and Airline

Below are 15 of the most lucrative airline companies for flight attendants within the United States, their pay, and additional payment information.

1. Alaskan Airlines

Flight Attendants on Alaskan Airlines earn an average of $53,000 per year.

As a flight attendant with one of the most lucrative flight attendant airlines, One can anticipate annual earnings of $113,000 on average For beginners can expect a yearly income of $27,000.

These are a testament to how satisfying it is to work with Alaskan Airlines. Most senior flight attendants are compensated very well.

Alaska Airlines also pays bonuses, commissions, and profit-sharing to their flight attendants as part of the employee program.

The average of these kinds of payment amounts is $3400 per year.

2. United Airlines

Flight attendants on United Airlines earn an average annual salary of $44,219. Those new to the field can make around $28,000 per year. However, the more experienced flight attendants (top 10 percent) make an average of $100,000 per year.

Our study shows United Airlines pays their flight attendants the highest wages compared with other airlines. United Airlines offers excellent promotions to flight attendants who have expertise and passion for their work.

Additionally, United Airlines has programs that pay their flight attendants bonuses, commissions, and profit-sharing. Other kinds of pay range from $5,200 to annualized $5,200.

In addition, it is an ideal method for airline attendants who want to earn an extra income on top of their usual salary.

3. American Airlines

Flight attendants working at American Airlines earn an average annual salary of $43,460.

Flight attendants with a lot of experience (top 10 percent) can anticipate earning an average of $86,000 annually. Beginners can expect an annual salary of under $30,000.

Apart from commissions and bonuses, American Airlines also offers bonuses and profit-sharing programs for flight attendants. Other kinds of pay range from $2,825 to annual pay of $2,825.

4. JetBlue Airlines

JetBlue Airways flight attendants earn between $25,000 and $35,000 per year.

This salary includes flights hours per day, international departure holidays, redeye travel, and recognition. It also covers language and other advantages.

These are the basic pay. However, higher-level flight attendants can earn up to $100,000.

5. Delta Airlines

In Delta Airlines, flight attendants receive an average wage of $40,000 per year. But, as they remain at Delta, more time will increase seniority.

The pay rate per hour is increasing each year by a substantial amount. Delta Airlines’ senior flight attendants earn more than $118,000.

The salary comprises standard flight hourly pay and various other forms of compensation in cash, including per-diem (food allowances on certain layovers), International flight, cabin manager holidays, language, and much more.

6. Hawaiian Airlines

American Airlines pays flight attendants an average of $39,000 annually. Flight attendants with the most outstanding experience (top 10 percent) could earn 88,000 annually on average, and a flight attendant without knowledge could earn an average of $29,000.

Hawaiian Airlines offers its flight attendants commissions, bonuses, and profit-sharing in their career development plans.

These other forms of payment average $2,500 per year.

7. Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines flight attendants earn between $36,000 and $53,000 per year.

Apart from the pay, layover payouts comprise flight hours and base wages.

Every crew member has free accommodation (including housing costs) within the United Arab Emirates (UAE) tax-free system.

8. Allegiant Air

Flight Attendants on Allegiant Airlines earn an average annual salary of $32,000.

The most skilled (top 10 10%) have an average pay of $71,000 per year, while new flight attendants earn just $26,000. The Airline does provide bonus programs for flight attendants and commissions and profit-sharing.

The additional form of payment adds up to $2,825 per year in the average year.

9. Qatar Airways

The salary starting for flight attendants on Qatar Airways is 84,000 QAR between 156,000 and 156,000 QAR ($23,000 $42,800 – $23,000).

Tax-free compensation consists of the basic salary plus pays for layovers and flight hours. The rate rises significantly for more proficient flight attendants.

In addition, Qatar Airways provides free accommodation for flight attendants.

10. Etihad Airways

Flight attendants working at Etihad Airways earn between 96,000 between 120,000 and 96,000 AED ($25,000 between $32,000 and $25,000) annually.

Flight attendants can earn tax-free cash through actual payments and layover and flight time allowances. However, the amount is increased as the flight attendant acquires knowledge.

Furthermore, Etihad Airways provides accessible accommodations for all crewmembers.

Flight attendants working at WestJet Airlines earn an average annual salary of $35,000.

11. WestJet

An airline attendant who has the highest experience (top 10 percent) could earn an annual salary of $46,000, and those who are just beginning can earn $24,000.

They also provide commissions, bonuses, and profit-sharing to their flight attendants. These are equivalent to an average salary of $2,825 per annum.

12. Frontier Airlines

Flight attendants working for frontier airlines make an average annual pay of $29.400.

Air attendants who have the highest expertise (top 10 percent) will make an average of $45,000 each year, while newbies are likely to receive an average salary of less than $27,000.

Frontier Airlines also offers its flight attendants bonuses, commissions, and profit-sharing programs. The average is $1100 annually.

13. Spirit Airlines

Spirit airline pays its flight attendants an average wage of $39,000 a year.

Flight attendants with a lot of experience can anticipate an average annual salary of $68,000, and beginners are likely to earn only $25,000 annually.

Additionally, Spirit Airlines offers bonuses, commissions, and profit-sharing programs for its flight attendants with an average of $1500 per year.

14. Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines flight attendants earn an average of $42,000 annually. Air attendants with the highest experience are likely to achieve the equivalent of 65,000 annually, and those who start will be less than $30,000.

The Airline is also known for having the most content employees at any airport.

In addition, Southwest Airlines has a program that offers commissions, bonuses, and profit-sharing to their flight attendants, amount approximately $4800 for the year.

It is among the top programs available to earn extra money.

15. Air Canada

Air Canada Airlines pays its flight attendants an average of $39,000 annually. While flight attendants with extensive experience can anticipate earning about C$65,000 per year, new flight attendants are likely to take home less than $24,000.

Air Canada also has an incentive program to pay its flight attendants commissions, bonuses, and profit-sharing. It averages at $2,825 per year.

Air Canada pays more diminutive than many larger airlines, like a lot more minor. Despite this, Air Canada enjoys a great image when it comes to the treatment of its employees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the highest-paid airline staff member?

In 2019, the median wage of flight attendants reached $56,640. In that year, the 25 percent of employees who earned the highest earnings earned $67,040. The 25 percent of employees with the lowest salaries earned $41,070.

What do you have to be an airline staff member?

The process is time-consuming and stressful. The hiring method for airlines could take anywhere from 3-6 months if your resume is accepted through the initial round. There is a lot of competition. More than 1 million applications for flight attendants between 5,000 and 10,000 job openings.

What is the cost for the flight attendants to compensate?

The hourly rate of an attendant is typically determined from the moment the aircraft’s doors are closed until the time it reopens (often known as “block timing”). The hourly average of flight attendants at major airlines is $25-30 and varies according to the length of time they’ve been with the Airline.

What are the benefits of being an airline service attendant?

Here we go.
Fly for free. Many airlines allow their flight attendants to fly at no cost when not in the office.
Coupons for Airfare.
Expense Reimbursement (Per Diem)
Paid Hotel Visits.
Socializing with New People.
401(k) as well as Retirement Plan.
Health Insurance.
Flexible Schedule.

What is the average number of flight attendants’ work hours every week?

Attendants spend between 65 and 90 hours in the air and 50 hours preparing aircraft to carry passengers each month. Most attendants are restricted to working 12-hour shifts; however, some are permitted for 14-hour shifts. On international flights, attendants are generally allowed to work for extended periods.


Being a flight attendant is an enormous accomplishment.

The distinction isn’t in work because they’re identical; the difference lies in the Airline you choose to establish your career. An image built on seniority is the foundation of this business; therefore, make the right choice.

Each is unique and has its wants and requirements.

Be aware of all options and choose the one that is of the most importance. These will direct you to the most suitable Airline to meet your requirements. It is then time to apply!

A good business is the most critical factor in having a successful career.