8 Great Apps that Will Help You Write Your Master’s Application in 2022

great apps that will help you write your master's application

The days when you had to pull out a pen and a few sheets of paper and draft your motivational letter for your application to a program. Today, you can log into the world web and locate an application for nearly every application procedure step.

The most significant part is that most of these apps are accessible online and cost nothing. If you require some extra assistance to complete the process of completing your Master’s program, you will come across a tool to ease you.

We’ve compiled an extensive list of the top applications available, which will make the application process more straightforward. Take a look at the top nine applications that can aid you in drafting perfect applications for your studies abroad:


There’s a reason Evernote is so well-liked by people such as Adam Savage from Mythbusters or the entrepreneur Tim Ferriss. The note-taking application is more than just a way for users to store their thoughts in one spot. It allows you to create your application responses and tag your material to trace it or highlight critical passages.

The app is free, and you can upgrade according to your requirements. However, it’s an incredible tool to have in the early stages of your application as you gather details and create your application information. You can save files, add images or collaborate with and share your notes with other users (even those who do not own Evernote accounts). 

You can utilize an Evernote Web Clipper extension to store essential details or sources for your Master’s program. These are straightforward extensions compatible alongside Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari and become integrated into IE after installation.

You can save emails, articles, and whole web pages and transfer them into the Evernote account. This way, you’ll ensure that you have all the essential application resources you need in one location.


A Pocket is a fantastic tool that is especially useful when researching information to support your application to a university. You can save websites, articles, and videos pertinent to your Master’s program.

Pocket is compatible with smartphones, which means you’ll have access to all the notes you’ve made wherever you go. Pocket also functions when paired with Evernote. You can now save pages and articles using Pocket direct into the Evernote account.

Begin using the tag feature next time you’re looking to store something in your Pocket. This feature makes searching easier by narrowing your search and locating what you’re searching for using an assigned tag.


The most serious mistake you can commit in your Master’s application is to submit documents with grammar or spelling errors. Particularly when you plan for a study trip abroad, this error can deprive you of being a professional before the admissions panel. A well-written motivating letter of intent is the very first step in ensuring you’re a part of the admissions process of the course you’ve chosen to study.

These are the area where Grammarly can assist. Apart from the usual typo corrections and grammar suggestions, Grammarly also offers modifications to your style based on the type of audience and the emotions you wish to create.

If you’re a fan of writing your documents for your application by using Microsoft Word, you can include Grammarly in your paper. Another benefit of using Grammarly as part of its integration with the Microsoft Suite is that you receive suggestions beyond the standard grammar test. Style and composition are crucial elements of a successful application. With Grammarly, you will get the chance to have these aspects examined too.

Google Docs

Let’s start by saying that it’s completely free. After that, we’ll move on to the idea that it’s a fantastic set of tools that can use collaboratively. Then, end with the notion that it’s among the most popular software applications globally. When writing your motivational letter or essay, creating your thoughts in Google Docs helps streamline your process.

You can edit, write and get feedback from others on your writing with just two clicks, whether on a tablet, computer, or mobile. The versatility of the application is the thing that makes it worth using most, particularly for those who are constantly in motion.

A tip for you: Google doc has many things to consider regarding Google Docs. It is possible to start with these helpful tricks and watch the magic unfold.


If you require something to be saved or is ready to be shared If you need to share something, Dropbox is the ideal app for you. Dropbox is compatible with any device, both online and offline. It lets you save files regardless of size ( convenient for more large Master’s applications). ).

Like Google Docs, you can collaborate with other users within your folder or on particular documents. Dropbox currently has 500 million people worldwide and houses more than 1.2 billion documents in its database.

You can use Dropbox alongside other favorite applications, including Slack and the entire Microsoft suite, Google Docs, Adobe, etc. Go to this Dropbox integration page and check out how effective this tool can be for Master’s applications.


Todoist is the tool that gets the most productive people up each day. The application is specifically designed to keep track of every little project and deadline you enter. The application for managing tasks is compatible with every platform.

Todoist can help you prioritize the tasks related to your application and show the areas where you’re struggling. In addition, its user-friendly design and fun messages can give you an additional incentive to work things accomplished.

Make a traffic-light scheme for color-coding your list of tasks. These will allow you to prioritize the list correctly. The traffic-light system enables you to become more efficient in the right areas by taking significant steps towards the Master’s goal.

Google Calendar

Create the Google Calendar and get reminders regarding important deadlines and dates related to your study program. This tool can simplify your life by helping you organize your application schedule more precisely and visualize your timeline.

Maintain a record of your Master’s application by adding color to the plan. This way, you’ll keep track of the status of your work, meetings, and documents that pertain to the application.

Google Calendar can also deliver notifications directly on your mobile. What a great way to save time!


Applications to universities are believed to cause many stressful moments for students. Applying to your dream university program is a stressful experience due to the sheer amount of uncertainty. Combine the effort required for an outstanding application, and you’ll be dealing with lots of stress.

For keeping your mind clear and calm, You can try meditation. One of the most effective tools available to assist you in starting your meditation practice is Headspace. It has been proven to work in helping people to sleep more comfortably, be less stressed and be more focused. These are the exact ingredients you must think about and present your most impressive Master’s thesis.

Headspace has a unique student-focused package specifically for people who wish to increase their concentration through mindfulness. We suggest that you begin by using The Focus pack, which aims to improve your ability to concentrate on productivity and peace of mind (all of which you require throughout the application ).