Top 10 Forensic Psychology Colleges in the U.S. 2022

Forensic psychologist

From studying criminals to acting as courtroom experts, Forensic psychologists play a crucial part in the legal system. The forensic psychology program will teach students how to blend the law and behavioral analysis to aid in the investigation, design programs for detention centers, and make suggestions to judges.

Forensic psychologists carry out studies, analyze data, and evaluate individuals engaged in legal proceedings. Forensic psychologists assist victims of crime or criminals in prison in many instances.

While the subject of forensic psychology was initially popularized through T.V. and films but the job is rapidly growing. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), all roles in psychology are expected to grow by 8% between 2020 and 2030. The BLS also states that psychologists earn a median wage of $82,180, with the highest 10% earning over $137,590.

Forensic psychology is an incredibly emerging field that is growing. Those who wish to make a career path in this field need to be able to earn a degree in forensic psychology. The forensic psychologist must often be awarded a doctoral degree, like an M.S. in psychology or a PsyD. The top forensic psychology schools can more than adequately prepare students to work in the ever-changing and growing field of forensic psychology.

Best Forensic Psychology Colleges across the U.S. for 2022

1. University of Denver

Denver University’s Forensic Psychology program prepares students who wish to apply the concepts of psychology in interviews and mental assessment in the criminal justice system. The program includes classes that instruct students on how to analyze, interact with, and organize sessions with witnesses and police officers, and defendants. Classes are offered both in-person and online, although specific required courses might include in-person training at police stations within the Denver metro area. The students at the University of Denver are also advised to observe the work of psychologists working in the field to increase their education prior to graduation.

2. George Washington University

The Forensic Psychology course at George Washington University provides a base for students in the undergraduate program interested in participating in analyzing perpetrators and the victims of crime from a psychological angle. Students interested in studying this field learn to identify suspects and organize the interview process. It is standard for undergraduates to do an on or off-campus internship with the Police department or private investigator local within The Washington D.C. metro, allowing students to build professional connections and reference sources.

3. Florida Institute of Technology

The Florida Institute of Technology offers students the option of enrolling in their forensic psychologist program, which is the initial stage for those interested in working with investigators and police departments to conduct interviews and evaluate victims, suspects, and other officers. FIT provides a four-year program and opportunities to take school internships locally in the Orlando metro area to gain the experience in a real-world situations. It is typical for students to study classes in psychology and mental illness to get a feel for the field in general, along with hands-on training to help them get familiar with the regulations for communication and interaction in an official capacity.

4. The CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice

For students interested in pursuing forensic psychology in New York City, CUNY’s John Jay College of Criminal Justice provides a competitive track that offers a variety of professional opportunities to observe in jails and local precincts within the New York metro area. Students should take part in internships throughout their studies and the summer months to gain practical experience, which will prove invaluable when applying for jobs in the professional world after graduation.

5. Washington University in St Louis

Washington University St. Louis offers a forensic psychology degree that focuses on mental health and psychology and is designed to help students prepare to be employed upon finishing their bachelor’s. The program will be completed in just four years. It gives students a variety of internship opportunities within St. Louis. St. Louis metro and seminars provide professional guidance and observation prior to entering the workforce.

6. University of North Dakota

It is the Forensic Psychology department at the University of North Dakota offers courses geared toward students who want to prepare for a career as psychologists, therapists, and parole officers. Within the school, the students can avail the opportunity to research mental illness, observe labs in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies, and participate in internships off-campus at a private practice.

7. Kean University

Kean University offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Psychology for students from New York City. The courses that are part of the program include development of the mind psychoanalysis, psychological assessment, and ethics. They desire to collaborate with law enforcement agencies to psychologically analyze the victims, suspects, and police officers on a crime scene. Graduates must be aware that Kean has a vast network of local contacts to aid recent graduates in post-graduation work placement.

8. Northcentral University

Northcentral’s Forensic psychology program has been designed to train students who want to pursue employment in psychology that works with law enforcement agencies and crime scene investigations. Students who take this course will likely find work opportunities within the Phoenix metropolitan area and be able to access their alumni networks that can assist them in their search for full-time work. Candidates should note that practical experience and internships are essential to the program. Graduates are typically able to begin working immediately after completing their studies.

9. American International College

The American International College’s Forensic Psychology program is one of the top schools for students who want to pursue an occupation as a police officer or private investigators who interview and assess the mental state of those that are suspects in a crime. The school offers classes in subjects such as severe mental disorders and the applied analysis of behavior. Students should be prepared for a demanding workload, extensive observation time, and professional internships to enhance their education.

10. The University of Houston-Victoria

For Houston residents who dream of getting a degree in forensic psychology and forensic psychology, the University of Houston – Victoria provides a four-year course designed to prepare students for careers in direct contact with law enforcement personnel and criminal suspects as soon as they graduate. Students should enroll in psychology and mental health disorders classes and participate in placements in police departments to gain experience in a legal environment with criminal suspects and working forensic psychologists.